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From the funeral to Manicure ten will change the new electricity supplier in the world

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[editor’s note] you wasted? You depressed? You wet? Are you worried about not contracting pond? A cross road, who is your life coordinates? When you’re still in bed staring at the ceiling in a daze, do you really think others see you used to drink beer drinking time coffee? On the road of entrepreneurship, Curve Wrecker will never tell you how they become the industry’s cutting-edge, especially electricity supplier


billion state power network end inventory, 2015 which have staged a cutting-edge business: read more

Micro business go their own way, let others say go

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which belongs to the micro business? In fact, the generalized derivative can be understood as the mobile terminal business marketing model, including WeChat, micro shop and our common friends belong to micro business marketing. No one knows the micro business instant fiery up, but also can not help but worry, it seems that the mainstream electricity supplier micro business has come to a bottleneck.

recently, CCTV reported the mask black workshop, transfer netizens ridicule derivative pyramid schemes and other negative energy to make micro business can’t do anything in reality derivative, occupy the market of great strength, like everyone in the non-stop to catch the market, really make people doubt, micro business can really make money? Can really cattle make every day to show off their wealth? Admittedly, earn money of a few people, of course, there are many in this area do not earn money, even so, they still refused to give in, seems to prove that it is a way to get rich. Guangzhou website construction of 100 million small series believes that micro businesses never need to rely on the pursuit and boast, even if questioned, can prove to be true to the real harvest. read more

Secure payment platform to pull e-commerce 6 years turned over 300 times

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Alipay announced that the third party payment platform, the number of users has exceeded 300 million. This is the number of users of domestic electronic business service platform for the first time exceeded 300 million scale, currently Alipay in addition to Taobao’s cooperation website reached 46 scale. Data show that in 2009 the turnover of more than 200 billion Taobao, is the domestic market in 2003 the total market value of nearly times, accounting for nearly 2% of the total domestic retail sales of social commodities. With Alipay is more and more accepted by users, quickly became synonymous with the domestic online shopping market. read more

Mall public network, also optimistic than Papi sauce

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with 2016 network first Reds Papi ads by the beauty beautiful makeup to 22 million yuan price, red net business model once again become the focus of public hot. Many marketing experts also said that in the Internet era, the quality of the content will always have a market value, and with the spread of efficiency, its value will be explosive growth. And at present, the network economy has been successfully achieved through a variety of models to the electricity supplier platform diversion, the formation of profit closed loop. For example, the Reds national electricity supplier, Sydney is one example of husband Wang Sicong’s girlfriend, using their own popularity, build a personal brand, WeChat and micro-blog sales promotion, sales have been quite amazing. read more

Ali storm cross-border imports of global sourcing platform 18 on the line

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yesterday, Alibaba officially announced that its website will be formally launched on the 18 global sourcing platform, an important part of the group’s cross-border import strategy. Alibaba senior vice president Wu Minzhi said, to make 1688 of global import distribution platform, and the use of logistics support and data flow service to do the import commodities traceability fidelity.

according to reports, the current platform has 120 million of the global B users, 150 million online browsing generated every day; there are more than 10 million enterprises company opened shops, covering clothing, Home Furnishing, industrial products such as the 49 level industry, 1709 industry two. 1688 division senior director Liu Fei introduced earlier in the global strategy of Ali, the international big consumers for having heard it many times have been introduced to the retail platform. read more

Domain name analysis and domain name server

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Domain name management agency ICANN:

ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, ICANN) is a non-profit international organization, responsible for the Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation, protocol identifier assignment, generic top-level domain (gTLD) and the national and regional top-level domain (ccTLD) system, management and the root server system management.

the global total of 13 sets of domain name root servers. 1 is a root server, placed in the United states. The remaining 12 are supplemented by root servers, of which the 9 placed in the United States, Europe, the 2 (located in the UK and Sweden), Asia, the 1 (in Japan), by the internet name and number distribution agency ICANN unified management. read more

WeChat drops grab coupons suck Users to buy Taobao

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last year WeChat grab coupons drops become fashionable for a time is gradually cooling, preferential decrease let users become melancholy, no longer excited. Coupons less and less preferential efforts are being accepted by the majority of users. However, there are still not willing to go to the user, to the universal Taobao Amoy little coupon.

billion state power network found in Taobao, currently has more than 900 coupons for the sale of the taxi drops. One of the highest sales, is a so-called automatic delivery of the distribution of the robot travel coupons, the price is only a penny. In this regard, every trip to billion state power network responded that the current drops not in the Taobao platform selling taxi coupons. read more

The face of electricity providers, traditional retail so to think about the way of self salvation

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tiger sniffing note: the slowdown in economic growth, electricity supplier diversion, coupled with the downturn in consumption situation, a lot of retail enterprises in the closed shop, the plight of transition. According to the 72 retail enterprises United business network statistics, the first half of the total sales rose only slightly by 2.48%, 6 into the retail enterprise net profit is negative growth, while the major retail enterprises in the country to close 158 stores in total, the largest in history. The mobile Internet has brought a wave of new wave, traditional retailers make sense of crisis deepened in the reflection of the traditional retail outlet at the same time, they also in heating. In October 17, 2014, United Business Network hosted the 2014 business gathering "combined with · for retail platform campaign". The same day, intime and united business network retail oriented China launched "Lotus", rainbow, Ginza, BBK, jiajiayue and other well-known traditional retailers hold together, claiming to double eleven war. read more

How to drain before double 11 Taobao broke the order of play red

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September 28th news, today, Taobao released a "double ten official customer service order business operations guide come from micro-blog red!" one article, the article mentioned that the order of red envelopes can not only for businesses to do brand promotion, bring new target customers, but also can improve the viscosity of the user and platform. The gameplay applies to double 11 before and during the double 11 campaign.

According to

billion state power network to understand, businesses can be combined with outdoor advertising, common station activities set up shop and brand keyword related order. Let the consumer search box to enter the order of words in Tmall App, you can enter the store to get businesses to set the interests, such as Alipay, red coupons, coupons, gifts etc.. read more

E-commerce entering the era of logistics

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Effect of

real economy suffered from the financial crisis is still in recovery, enterprises pay more attention to the efficient operation of low cost, this provides the opportunity for the development of the e-commerce market; at the same time, climate and environmental issues have become the focus of global attention, the development model with low energy consumption, low pollution and low emission based on low carbon economy will be the future development pattern of Chinese economy, e-commerce as one of the effective mode, will promote to improve the structure of the Chinese industrial economy. read more

Huafeng network B2B e-commerce platform operators on how to operate

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B2B e-commerce platform, but the real operation of the innumerable, good few. And with the development of e-commerce, the major companies have begun to focus on building their own B2B e-commerce sites, how to build, how to operate?.

picture 1

a heavy investment in technology, focusing on the platform to build

B2B e-commerce platform is the most basic function of the business platform to build. The three stages of the development of B2B e-commerce platform are as follows: information platform stage, trading platform stage, mutual trust platform stage. The primary stage of B2B e-commerce platform is to give the majority of businesses provide trading information platform, through the sale of information gathered many, in order to attract more business members to join in, they are looking for buyers and sellers on the platform. At this time, the function of the B2B platform is limited to information integration, such as Huafeng commerce station read more

EBay there are more than 1 thousand employees in China to do the sea Amoy, what are they doing

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electricity supplier giants do cross-border electricity supplier in China, eBay path is just the opposite.

May 21st, a conference called "eBay sellers annual summit" held in Chengdu Ritz Carlton Hotel. The 100 sellers who have sold over a million yuan in the past year are invited to the site to attend the annual conference of the sellers.

yes, that ten years ago, and Taobao for the market eBay is still China, their office in Shanghai is still in the near people’s Square, a whole floor belongs to eBay now, there are more than 2000 employees, half of which is responsible for the business. read more

After the pain we re impact the B2C Market

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at the end of the 2011, Eslite into a peer and media slobber controversy. In October, when the media reported that the customers started listing matters, and successfully held the IPO roadshow in Hongkong, plans to release in November 12th after the listing of news. In the impact of the recent concept stocks fell sharply, the final guest not scheduled to submit its application documents IPO. In a number of executive turnover, "where the crisis" seems to be growing, it seems we are really sick. read more

The domain name investment, rose tie whose hand

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with the rapid development of China’s Internet industry, the domain name as an important part of the Internet industry chain, because of its rarity and uniqueness of the characteristics, has become one of the areas of concern for many investors. Standardize the domain name investment market, build China’s domain name trading platform and promote the healthy development of the domain name industry, the Internet industry has become an important issue.

The so-called Internet domain name (Domain Name read more

How to handle duplicate pages

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online mall do not directly copy the description of goods elsewhere.

The ranking of

online stores has been declining, mainly because their descriptions are: completely copied from the local, too similar, or too short, almost exactly the same. So if you are running an online store, you have to spend some time and money, write a description of some of the goods, and your competitor’s website is different. In the eyes of spiders, about 150 – 300 words of the original content is usually enough. read more

Ali international B2B also want to play the line City partner recruitment

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[Reuters] news billion state power in January 14th, before the Alibaba group senior vice president, B2B business group president Wu Minzhi said, the next Ali in the international B2B field layout of two routes, online and offline channels full service sellers.

Wu Minzhi said that at present in Chinese rural and international field, there are a lot of quality goods are difficult to find market channels to consumers, consumers are also stored online needs, and Ali B2B to do, is to solve these problems. read more

With Jigoshop plug-in will be WordPress into a professional electricity supplier website

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you have to admire WordPress’s strong, as long as you go, basically no WordPress can not do. Or this is the reason why WordPress is wildly popular in the world, of course, the essence of free and open source software. WordPress in addition to build a portal, science and technology blog, personal blog can also be built very good electricity supplier website, this trend has been very popular in foreign countries. Many companies have launched e-commerce platform WordPress theme or a complete solution, but the basic price is in the United States and the United States under the knife 80-100 price. read more

Two dimensional code to pay a hundred days to suspend the development of a new model of the new game

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reporter Zhong Hui Shenzhen reported

, the central bank suspended payment of two-dimensional code after more than three months, and the Alipay cup side, caifutong and three party payment, with the central bank payment clearing and other regulatory authorities to discuss the development of two-dimensional code or payment standard, the other side also started to pay two-dimensional code layout.

twenty-first Century economic report exclusively learned that the two-dimensional code UnionPay payment system program includes two parts, one is online and pay the scan code window, the two is to pay down the line scan code; the latter is attached to the line under the original cup acquiring layout system to scan code instead of swiping link. In the scenario, next line of the two-dimensional code UnionPay payment and Alipay, caifutong scan code processes on the contrary, that the consumer mobile terminal generates a two-dimensional code bank card information, merchants scan code after the completion of the funds transfer and payment information. read more

Eliminate the giants like tragedy, Wanda how fun O2O

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eleven not long past, twelve will ensue. In the face of Ali empire made shopping carnival, I think the hearts of other household electrical appliance manufacturers are five mixed. After all he is often discounts, what Taobao has so many festivals, and he is a member of only as a foil. In fact, look at the status of the domestic electricity supplier Ali Empire sort, just can not shake, either Taobao or Tmall, they basically include nearly half of the domestic consumer market, other business platform even harder, the resources to pay more, a short time can not form scale and competitiveness, it also can’t understand why Tencent and Baidu these two Kuoshao always frustrated. But business is indeed a tempting cake, even the competition than imagined intense, bigwigs still can not help but want to go check it out, which includes the traditional tyrannical wanda. read more

Wong Kwong Yu prison to the United States to open a secret electricity supplier war to drag response

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Wong Kwong Yu and

/ Zhang Xiaoping (business observers, new Tang think-tank, CEO brand founder) an East, Miss Su Ning, the price war for me! "" 6· in 2013 18 electricity supplier copy of World War II, the United States the misappropriation of network popular events of micro-blog is very wonderful, very love, let a person aware of the existence of the United states. And before, everyone seems to have forgotten the overlord.

In fact,

as early as this year as the Tomb-sweeping Day Mou Guixian, senior vice president of the United States has issued a "foreign" electricity electricity providers have accused the eulogy, but also tirelessly loss every year with the price of butcher’s knife". Soon after, Gome online foreign confirmed that its CEO Han Depeng has resigned, Mou Guixian temporarily took over. Before the change, there will be a big move. Behind the series of initiatives, revealed a clear "Huang style". read more