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The local tax administrator to carry out honesty to the taxpayers reporting activities

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Recently, the city Bureau of their thinking and understanding 12 is representative of the tax administrator, civilized law enforcement, quality service and self-discipline for leadership and the District Commission for Discipline Inspection of 40 taxpayers are honest

recently, their thinking and understanding the City Local Taxation Bureau 12 tax administrator on behalf of combination on civilized law enforcement, quality service and self-discipline for leadership and the District Commission for Discipline Inspection of 40 taxpayers are honest. To carry out the tax administrator to achieve win-win between honest taxpayers, taxpayers not only to win the understanding and support of the local taxation work, provides the ways and channels of social supervision and law enforcement of tax service behavior, also urge and promote the local cadres business skills, service quality, enhance the level of law enforcement, reduce and eliminate the risk of law enforcement. read more

Xining NPC and CPPCC, sound food safety can not forget the small menlian

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yesterday, the two sessions in Xining, food safety issues were again made by the deputies, the deputies suggested that the establishment of a sound level of food quality supervision mechanism as soon as possible.

"there are a lot of people put forward the small food processing lack of supervision mechanism, such as steamed bun shop, noodle shop, cake shop etc.." Wang Jinxia, deputy director of the National People’s Congress, said that in the circulation of food industry and commerce departments responsible for the supervision, and the field of production has been a number of supervision blank, especially small workshops, small shops. The delegates learned regulatory control, some small businesses, small processing can only be self supervision according to the national laws and regulations, lack of market supervision, and government departments without supervision, should be clear as soon as possible regulatory responsibilities, strengthen supervision, to ensure food safety. (author: Peng Na) read more

Xining airport will usher in A330 large wide body aircraft

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with the arrival of the tourist season, Qinghai airport sent the aircraft landing frequently. To ease the situation in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places, a ticket is hard to find, the Qinghai Airport Inc and Eastern Airlines to actively coordinate, will be in July 6th – Beijing – route for the first time to run A330-300. In addition, Air China, China Southern Airlines is also expected to run A330 models this season.

it is understood that the A330-300 aircraft is in the remote, French Airbus Company production of double aisle, wide body airliner, carrying 300 passengers, including 38 first-class cabin and economy class 262 people, carrying passengers number is 2 times that of ordinary medium-sized aircraft, can provide more spacious, comfortable and safe flight experience for the majority of passengers. (author: Jia Ming)
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Xining public security organs severely punish drunk driving violations

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for the implementation of the public security organs to increase the remediation of drunk driving six "to" the spirit of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment will adopt the centralized management and daily Chajiu combined approach, effectively curb drunk driving.

it is understood that, in order to consolidate the pre remediation action has achieved initial results, the decision of the public security organ will severely punish drunk driving traffic violations activities continued until the end of December. The public security organs will adhere to the "six further", which further increase of drink driving remediation efforts to consolidate City remediation results, and joint extension to the small and medium-sized city and urban and rural areas; to strive for the support of the leadership of Party committees and governments, actively cooperate with relevant departments to establish civil servants drink driving violations Chaogu system for drunk driving the illegal and floating premium system and personal credit system are linked to adverse exploration; further improve the ability to fight against drunk driving, continue to strictly enforce the "four", strengthen the supervision of law enforcement and accountability efforts, promote the establishment of a legally qualified blood alcohol content appraisal conditions of the city and county to further establish and improve long-term mechanism; the remediation work experience, institutionalized and normalized; further perfecting the social communication mechanism To further promote the remediation of other serious traffic violations, to ensure smooth road traffic safety, in order to promote the effectiveness of remediation. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of justice held a general meeting of cadres to study and implement the curre

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The afternoon of October 28th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of justice held all cadres meeting, study and implement the teleconference in October 27th the province’s leading cadres spirit, informed of the current work of maintaining social stability of the situation, the current situation, to further implement the central spirit, a unified understanding of the party members and cadres, comprehensive and accurate implementation of the good education conference spirit, to safeguard national unity harmony, harmonious society made arrangements. It has studied the important speech of secretary of provincial Party committee, provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee for the Qiang Wei, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, Luo Huining on implementing the spirit of the meeting put forward the requirements and spirit of the conference on education reform and strengthen the "bilingual education", specifically to strengthen and reform of bilingual education, is the inevitable requirement of historical progress. Is completely correct. We must resolutely, resolutely and unswervingly strengthen and reform the bilingual education. The meeting proposed "four strong", one is all cadres to keep a clear mind, correct and against "bilingual education" on the fuzzy understanding, wrong ideas and dangerous tendencies, and resolutely criticize all kinds of rumors; two is to firmly oppose the political will have different views on the "bilingual education"; the three is to resolutely correct ambiguous attitude. Every cadre in the treatment of bilingual education reform, must talk about politics, the overall situation, stand firm, clear-cut attitude, consistent with the Party Central Committee and provincial Party committee; four is determined to defeat hostile forces inside and outside the plot. Finally, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of justice on behalf of the bureau Party committee Comrade Sun Guiping stressed that one should improve the understanding, unity of thinking, to stand firm, firmly highly consistent with the provincial and municipal Party committee, through the deep understanding and accurate grasp of the spirit and requirements of the central instructions, patiently and carefully carry out the investigation and resolve conflicts, to do mass work, the the implementation of the work at the grassroots level, to implement, learn to do the publicity work, do the social control to the reform and development of related work stable, each leading cadres to manage their departments and units, educate their children, relatives and subordinates, earnestly fulfill the responsibility to maintain political stability. Two is based on their own, do their own work. We should focus on the propaganda work, especially at the grassroots level, in schools, in areas inhabited by ethnic minorities, we must resolutely safeguard social harmony and stability, take the lead in studying, publicizing and implementing the provincial decision-making and layout, and carry out legal publicity and grassroots people’s mediation work, and strive to create a good environment for development and stability. The three is "grasping with both hands, to actively prepare the current stability maintenance work, work to do the work at the end of the goal, to seriously address gaps and do the data collection work.               News: the Department of justice, the municipal Party committee and the Municipal People’s Congress, the municipal government, municipal CPPCC, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Party Organization Department, propaganda department, committee, office of excellence.   send: party inspection room, municipal information office, municipal government information supervision department, comprehensive management office, municipal organs, Municipal Public Security Bureau, city court, city procuratorate, the National Security Bureau and the Qinghai legal newspaper, Xining evening news agency.  ; read more

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of trade union women’s Committee was awarded the 2011 women’

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According to the Xining municipal trade union committee issued the "female on female workers rights protection laws and regulations knowledge contest notice" arrangements and general requirements, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a special meeting, the global organization of each unit of female staff committee arrangements for this work, the implementation of the relevant competition measures, and achieved good results

according to the Xining municipal trade union committee issued the "female on female workers rights protection laws and regulations knowledge contest notice" arrangements and general requirements, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a special meeting, the global organization of each unit of female staff committee arrangements for this work, implement the relevant competition measures, and achieved good results. The contest received a total of Juzhu units of more than 1300 copies of questionnaires, bureau of female Committee won the 2011 "female workers rights protection laws and regulations of knowledge competition outstanding organization award in the competition, city public security bureau Comrade Chai Chunju won the two prize in the raffle. read more

Xining standard conference official reception fee

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official reception, training sessions and other funds in the end what is the standard? In December 16th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Finance Bureau, recently, the city issued a "municipal government conference fee management approach", "municipal Party and government official reception expenses management measures", "municipal government authorities training fee management approach" system, which laid the foundation for further strengthening and standardizing the municipal Party and government organs of public management. In the future, municipal Party and government organs meeting training and official reception, etc., will be strictly in accordance with the standards of these management practices.
– clear expenditure range according to the management approach, the official reception fee with reception for meals, transportation and other expenses and conference fees; make clear regulation on the cost of accommodation, meals, meeting room rental, transportation fees, document printing fees and expenses; training fee clear requirements for accommodation, meals, transportation fees, the training site fees, lecture fees, training fees, other charges. And make detailed explanation and explanation of the expenditure items in the expenditure scope. Management approach also requires municipal Party and government organs from the actual arrangements for official activities to ensure normal business activities.
– Specification with expenditure standard official reception, meeting and training work, considering the level of economic development, the market price level of goods and services, management measures formulate expenditure standards of scientific and reasonable public funding. The official reception fee shall be formulated according to the administrative level, and the conference fees and training fees shall be formulated according to the categories and training places. The measures for the administration of
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Provincial propaganda mission in Xining preach eighteen spirits

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December 6th, should be invited to Xining, the provincial Party Committee for the mobilization of the party members and cadres of Xining made a wonderful report of the spirit of the eighteen. Xining municipal Party committee members, members of the Xining district and county departments, cadres and representatives of the masses of workers attended the meeting.

report of the meeting, the six aspects of the provincial propaganda team members, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Zhao Yongxiang from the eighteen major themes, ten years of basic summary and Scientific Outlook on Development’s historical status were explained in simple terms of the spirit of the party’s eighteen. read more

Provincial government held a teleconference to deploy the province to support the integration of poo

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9 1, the provincial government held a teleconference, the deployment of the province to support the integration of poor counties to use financial funds related to agricultural work. Vice governor Yan Jinhai attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

the meeting pointed out that the support of the poverty stricken counties in the use of fiscal agricultural funds to co-ordinate the integration of the pilot, is a strategic decision of the CPC Central Committee and State Council on global poverty alleviation made, also play a leading role in poverty alleviation and development of financial capital and the agglomeration effect, improve the efficiency of capital allocation, guarantee the key poverty alleviation fund demand to. Party committees and governments at all levels and related departments should stand on the political perspective, strengthen the integration of fiscal agricultural funds pilot’s sense of urgency and responsibility, with greater determination and more effective measures to promote the integration of effective and orderly work. read more

Xining will add 26 street green space

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The rainy season of Xining quite Jiangnan beauty. In July 18th, the reporter from the Xining municipal planning and Garden Department learned that, in order to build Xining city into the plateau landscape garden city, the second half of the year, Xining city will continue to study the city old city street and green street construction, new 26 green street.Since the

Xining economic and Technological Development Zone on the normalization of enterprises to help point

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to further implement the spirit of the province’s economic situation analysis, and enterprise helping to increase efforts to ensure the province’s industrial economy steady growth, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Park requirements determine the responsibility of leadership and responsibility to the people of the park, 133 key industrial enterprises were normalized linking point helping, effectively solve the difficulties and problems the existence of the business. read more

The Earth Hour xiadou landmark discharge makeup part

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are you a green, or a low carbon? Last night, Earth Hour campaign swept the world again. The neon lit xiadou part of landmarks in 20: 30-21: 30 lights for one hour, to promote low-carbon, environmental protection, green living ideas.

it is understood that the "Earth Hour" is the world natural foundation (WWF) is an initiative to the global issue, calling for individuals, communities, businesses and governments in March of each year on the last Saturday lights for one hour, in order to inspire people to protect the earth’s sense of responsibility. March 23rd night, the city’s major enterprises, colleges and universities have volunteered to join the earth hour campaign. 20:30-21:30, Nanshan, Beishan, Pu Ning Zhizhu, Qinghai department store boutiques and other landmarks have removed the beautiful "neon makeup". Not only that, Qinghai Normal University south campus, Qinghai Nationalities University, Qinghai medical college students also joined the spontaneous activities, several college campuses turned out the lights, the hustle and bustle of the university campus than in the past adds a bit of quiet. Qinghai normal university students feel that Luger is very meaningful, not only energy saving and environmental protection, also left a quiet space for yourself, can quietly alone to think about some problems. read more

Xining North City procuratorate into the tax authorities

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days ago, north of the city of Xining City District procuratorate and the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau Inspection Bureau cadres to carry out industrial park crime prevention seminar. Talk with the provincial government procurement management office series 2011 procuratorate crimes case, citing harm crimes, crimes of characteristics, analyzes the reasons, on the tax inspection post prone to crime of dereliction of duty crime of embezzlement, breach of privilege, and other job-related crimes in detail, and according to the judicial practice is put forward to prevent such crimes and countermeasures. (author: Tian Qicheng)
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Wenfeng monument bicycle race all welcome drivers

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sponsored by the government, the City District of Xining City, Xining City Tourism Bureau, Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau and other units, the Xining City District Science and Technology Tourism Bureau of the third session of the Wenfeng monument ecotourism scenic spot mountain bike Invitational start soon, reporters from the city district of Xining city departments understand that the game is ready for the start. According to the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of sports and tourism, tourism city district chief Liu Dewei introduced a month ago, the district science and Technology Tourism Bureau staff invited bicycle professionals, many times to the tournament’s line, eco tourism scenic area and the total of the racing line Zhen, the surrounding environment was carried out in the game on the line of evaluation. Try riding the game repeatedly, one repair line breakage, pothole place, and organize the sanitation workers clean up the game line and the surrounding garbage, and competition for security, health, medical care, food safety, volunteers and other personnel and equipments are in place. read more

Strong confidence in the amount of cohesion to implement and promote the solid poverty alleviation

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12 13, the Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary General Wang Yubo to the point of poverty alleviation work Longhua Hui Autonomous County Supervision and research work.

He has to go to

and see the tie Ba Zhen Dong La, Luo Hu Zang village relocation of the whole village poverty alleviation projects construction precision, slave Ashe Xiang Sai what library village, poverty alleviation Hand-Pulled Noodle industrial development training service center, the research of precise poverty alleviation project implementation, supervision of the provincial Office of the village poverty alleviation work team work, visit condolences to the needy, to communicate with the county, town and village cadres and the masses. read more

Ministry of public security to teach the west line (Qinghai) expert group of experts for the Municip

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According to the Ministry of public security and the Provincial Public Security Bureau of the Political Department of the organization to carry out "on the" sent to teach western "activities of the notice" arrangements and specific requirements, to teach the west to send bear by the Ministry of public security of the Railway Police College "(Qinghai) expert instructors to carry out a 2 day course Professor activities in August 10th to 11 in Xining the Municipal Public Security Bureau read more

Entrepreneurship is not old after retirement can successfully start the 4 strategies

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everyone’s success, is not a simple matter, need this kind of experience. Fan · Thomas (Van  Thomas) has a young business. In March 2013, when fan · Thomas (Van  Thomas) 63 years old, he created his own name after the hair care series Van  Thomas  Concepts. He was just one example of a man who was born in the baby boom and now has a choice to retire. After more than 30 years of career development for a well-known, mature brand of hair care products, Thomas decided to use his industry and product knowledge to develop their own product line.

Castrina even said that the late bloomer entrepreneurs than their younger counterparts have a greater chance of success, because their financial situation is generally good, their personal lives are more stable, they know what is your weakness. "When you are 50 years old or older, you will know exactly what your weaknesses are. At the age of 20, you think you have no weakness." Castrina said.

1.  rely on your expertise. Castrina suggests that retired entrepreneurs should take advantage of the rich experience they have accumulated in their working lives when they are thinking of opening up their own piece of the sky. For example, van Thomas, whose thirty years of experience in the hair care industry has added credibility to his new product line. "I get the feedback from people:" read more

June Xining new housing prices rose 6.9%

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According to the National Bureau of statistics, Xining investigation team survey in June, the Xining real estate price index edged up to run stable, in the country’s 70 large and medium-sized city, Xining City, the new housing price index up to 106.9, the chain was 101.1, in the country ranked twenty-first and seventeenth respectively. In the western 12 key provincial cities in the same period in the top fourth, the chain tied with Lanzhou in the northwest of the province’s capital cities in the year of second and a chain of more than first in the year of first in the same period of the year, the number of the world’s top 5. read more

Ministry of civil affairs research team to investigate Civil Affairs

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11 25, -28, Jia Yulin, Party members of the Ministry of civil affairs and his party investigation of temporary relief, medical assistance, pension services and other key civil affairs.


research group visited the home for destitute persons, guaranteeing that the object, this object, left-behind children, and community nursing homes, the civil affairs policy in the implementation of the grassroots, into the orphanage, the old Xining Yihe Park, sea public home-based care services company, on-the-spot investigation and construction of government services to raise the old buy home-based care services work. read more

Hundreds of free movie tickets warm hearts

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January 24th, reporters from the city district science and Technology Bureau of sports and Tourism Bureau was informed that in the "cultural Huimin film week" activities to the masses to send more than 700 free movie tickets, let the masses see.

it is understood that the 9 day cultural Huimin film week "activities held in Xining Xixia studios, Chengzhong District Science and Technology Bureau of sports and tourism to conscientiously implement the party’s the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee spiritual and cultural Huimin policy, on behalf of the district government will be more than 700 free movie tickets to the sanitation workers, educators, medical and health workers, community office staff, urban low household and the people’s police and armed police soldiers hands, a large part of the wonderful to many have been to the cinema for many years without mass gains a holiday gift, to create a warm and peaceful festive atmosphere. It is reported that the city of science and Technology Tourism Bureau will organize more mass cultural activities during the two sections, for the people of all ethnic groups in the region to offer a holiday blessing. read more