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The new method and tips for 4 days let love Shanghai and noble baby included

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2 new sites to include on-line, if your content is collected or copied, love Shanghai basically not included, in several sites have been tested;

after repeated study, though it is hard to understand, but I will use the chain domain name on behalf of the company directly cancel, registered a new domain name, can I find a good luck, before the site is PR5 domain name, starting all over again, to start a new round of love for the sea noble included baby. I was really afraid, afraid that Shanghai had a holiday, all the data are lagging behind, the Spring Festival many webmaster said at this time the site revised, not for ranking, if it is like this, that my efforts are not in vain? What sandbox ah, assessment period ah, hear me foggy, but no matter. Anyway, have a holiday, and die. I can be 15 hours a day in front of the computer, check the information asked, one step at a time. read more

Website optimization every Shanghai dragon Er is to learn from you

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That is to say

, so, if you are a web site optimization, whether you’re just contact Shanghai Longfeng, or is in the Shanghai dragon is a veteran in battle field, to learn something from the body of the Shanghai dragon er. At this time, you need to have a keen insight, be good at finding the advantages of others, and make up for their lack of this aspect. Because of the unique things that each of us has its own can not have, so if we can have this technology, tend to be more useful than the Shanghai dragon theory to understand. read more

An example to explain how to make the forum hot paste

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A5, Chinaz why 28tui, Shanghai dragon, random find the latest popular posts, some are as follows:

– >

third: the title of the party

A5 recently a popular post

why Shanghai Longfeng a recent popular post

The author from

Chinaz and 28tui to find a few hot paste found is not included, here is not a screenshot. First explain the role of popular posts, is actually very simple to collect and flow, we all know that the chain had not been included is no effect. But recently feeling Chinaz Posts included not ideal, A5 and Shanghai dragon why. Such as the topic: what kind of post will be the moderator set to hot paste. The author summarizes the following, for the novice friends should have some help. read more

A few things love must know the pseudo original

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2, the way to get the related information with skill. For example:

? !

1, avoid taboo.

later studied carefully observed, found this kind of similar content sites, most of the weight is relatively high, but relatively low weight site, rarely seen in the pages, even if your search term and then match the title and also useless. Of course, this article in low weight site, too lazy to even fall in love with the sea included, ranking is certainly not possible. In other words, we are doing almost nothing. read more

ncrease the chain should follow the principle of

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buy the chain including purchase link and soft, the effect is obvious, and it is easy to achieve. Want to buy high quality home chain chain to buy, do not buy low quality of the chain, of course, this is according to the needs of everyone, to make a judgment. We want to say is soft, good soft, have a common characteristic, that is to show people help, but also is not soft. If your soft Wen was many people reproduced, your site outside the chain will increase, the weight will also increase. This is the so-called quality. read more

On how to improve the site conversion rate payoff strive for further improvement

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in today’s Internet in many webmaster to increase your website traffic, by optimizing your website, do not a long tail keywords and your site theme, there is some soft, advertising in the major portals, guide the user clicks, and these words or soft advertising or in fact our website is not consistent with the theme itself. But when I heard some Adsense exchange in small and in the industry, no matter what type of advertising, first made in the said, in fact it is doomed to days after we jump out of the main reason for the high rate of the website. We all know the user to enter our website is to find the content they need, and your website without the content they need, will be shut down immediately, so I want to reduce the bounce rate promotion Keywords website the first thing we need to do is conversion to the theme of the site and we will have a unified introduction of the following small highlights proposed on the small jie. read more

An essential element of website optimization diversified development

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station connectionsFrom the importance of

: site content diversificationThe

content for the importance of the site as compared to the webmaster have a deep, because the quality of site content will directly affect the site optimization results, user experience friendly experience etc.. Then the content of the site construction of how to achieve diversification? Many webmaster to save time directly through the acquisition of other sites that will make their content without innovation, and the information on the Internet is stereotyped, but on the other hand to the webmaster every day to write original content is impossible. The author believe that even if the 100% original we also can according to user needs appropriate pseudo original, but also the innovation in the content, add pictures, video and so on, to attract users. read more

For small and medium enterprises boss a letter of recommendation in Shanghai Dragon

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rational use of resources Why

and a engage in machinery industry recruiters chats:

now through the Internet people who make money very much, do network promotion, website optimization is also more and more people. So, some time for us to do the promotion optimization does not necessarily have to hire a full-time staff. For the website updates chat more, this will need to recruit some professional website editor, for example: website, Taobao mall, news website, this website will need some full-time workers and workers in Shanghai Longfeng website editor. For small and medium sized enterprises, if a large number of sources of business is not from the Internet (traditional industries), and only one or two of enterprise website operation site, this time some do not need to recruit a few full-time workers in Shanghai dragon, the above said recruit full-time workers for at least one month to more than 1500 wages, otherwise is not to recruit people. But if the part-time man put words do go up, can cost thousands of dollars at the time, but if the website rankings do go up after a month to pay hundreds of dollars in maintenance costs, so as to save a large part of the expenditure. I think the small and medium enterprises Why not? read more

Analysis of six common practices of cheating in the chain

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      first said that the forum signature, if it is to increase the breadth of the chain, leaving a signature effect is also a bit. But some of the.

      in the past, each big portal blog is a free place, is also issued by the chain must be applied to the platform. Did the sprocket blog friends all know, in the past few years, the blog of the chain effect is indeed very good. Blog sprocket Qiu Shida is a typical example, he alone let the large sprocket blog site on their own daily weather forecast, access to hundreds of thousands of IP from love Shanghai, even reached the peak of millions. However, in the first half of this year, the website IP to million. read more

Follow the weight optimization of hyperlink analysis learning website

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For example, a website as the main content of the website, will determine the keywords for website construction, website production, in the exchange links, the preferred resources should be peer website construction company website. Because of their geographical relations, unless it is a nationwide network company, in front of the main words in general optimization will be labeled as a geographical name. From the perspective of the user experience, such as "Shanghai site construction" the hit rate is much higher than the "construction site". The search engine based on segmentation technology, we exchange links in web resources, not only the theme and industry need to agree, if possible area as much as possible. The same type is relative, as in the above example, the website construction of this theme, we can also exchange and website optimization and host IDC in the domain of product service company. read more

Analysis 2015 English website how to optimize

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site structure is like the human body skeleton, skeleton scattered people survive, good website structure can help the search engine more efficient use of the table table to grab the page, obviously a lot of Web site structure was used, the search engine spiders on the non constant offensive, if you use div+css to layout, the spider can smoothly crawl page for link level, not too deep, so as not to fall into the abyss of spider climb up, even climb up the next time will not come again.


a few days ago in the company before with colleagues about the English website optimization how to do this problem, he went to work in a foreign trade Shanghai dragon at present. The webmaster all know, English website mainly for Google search engine optimization, here to talk about personal views English website optimization read more

A on the construction of the chain four

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3, Links: if you have four blog, now is as follows: A, B, C, D, then A can link B, B link C, C link D. Then each blog link to add website. Remember: do not make love Shanghai space blog.

blog link is very good, but the beginning of the end of 2012, the blog blog, as long as any form of the links are not included. But we still have a way to do that is "blog link chain wheel". A blog is just some hard things, but it can transfer the blog to keep a good weight to the site. Before the current purchase network has achieved good results in this way, you may wish to try. read more

8 let your website ranking the reasons for the decline

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(4) the structure of your site is not clear, don’t let the spider love

engine punishment because of black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization

when your site appears a lot of pseudo original content or content direct acquisition of others, the spider can determine this is a garbage sites, such sites are often not what good rankings, but also love Shanghai now has been in the fight against collection site. The author has done a lot of Taobao customers friend is miserable.

website? The author thinks that the structure of the site can be divided into page structure (OnPage structure) and page structure (OffPage structure). The website structure refers to the hierarchical relationship between pages in the site, according to the nature can be divided into logical structure and physical structure. read more

Five steps to tell you how to O2O marketing decoration company

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two, what decoration company marketing mode:

in daily life, when friends looking for decoration decoration company feel good service, the decoration is also beautiful can reach the owner’s heart overdue; this case is probably the first choice of friends decoration company! Of course at present city fast process, the information sharing is no longer spoken the above described (yes WeChat circle of friends, QQ space,


5, owners of the QQ group:

! WeChat

2), make full use of area in the neighborhood, for matchmaking read more

By the hands of others to do the long tail keywords irremediable effect

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long tail keywords is one of the most important keywords for a web site, its importance is not inferior to the target keywords, especially for large web sites is the main source of traffic. Some kind of precise long tail keywords, can not only bring a lot of accurate flow, and the conversion rate is very high. Believe in the importance of long tail keywords as long as it is done for a period of time the friends are very clear, I do not introduce here. You may ask, we know the importance of long tail keywords, but do not know how to do. Long tail keywords website ranking how I do not come, I believe many of my friends will have such doubts, I do Shanghai dragon in the early also have similar doubts. Today found the best solution, that is the title as described in, the use of other people’s Gao Quanzhong platform to do their site’s long tail keywords. read more

From the perspective of website promotion webmaster how to set up the website title

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many owners in order to engage in the ranking flow, can not wait for the keywords all heap in the title, because the title words can improve the rankings, to increase website traffic. In fact, this headline from the Shanghai dragon optimization point of view, there is indeed a certain advantage, but excessive stack keywords in the title will attract search engine punishment, such as title and keyword stuffing, stop snapshot update is down right even by the example of K ratio is. So we should how to set the title can be conducive to build their own brand is also conducive to the promotion of the website? In fact, we can go to analyze those well-known websites is how to write the title, as shown in figure read more

How to improve website ranking through the optimization of image

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for you to take a picture is descriptive, your target keywords file name on the picture of the optimization.


1, ALT tag using

sets up a website robots.txt document to ensure that the image file can be search spiders crawl, remember not to use the JavaScript to link the picture file, if you do, the search engine is unable to retrieve your picture document >

2, 5 commonly used key label

through observation, many novice contact site optimization in the first time, the optimization of image have not paid much attention, leading to late site experience is not very good, the website wants to have a very good ranking, almost is very difficult, if we’re full today to talk about how to do well in the station "picture Shanghai Longfeng optimization. read more

How to use the thinking of Shanghai dragon VR venture

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therefore, if cooperation training institutions and entities, to create a VR content of technology development and training site, or VR Technology Forum and so on, and then through the Shanghai dragon Optimization Website value, is definitely a good challenge.

second, VR museum to join the project. According to the current trend, the theory on the next ten years, VR heat will continue to grow, especially with the revolutionary progress of VR technology, VR virtual reality user experience greatly improved, consumers will be willing to spend money to enjoy the fruits of science and technology. Like watching a movie, we are more willing to go to the cinema to enjoy a more powerful visual and auditory experience. Similarly, large VR devices are more favored by consumers, Wang VR Museum in the stream of people, can enjoy the common experience to the effect of VR glasses. read more

A value of one hundred thousand H1 Tags

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is a PR3 so that the original 2 of the weight of the domain name to back online has become a PR2 weight (0 Links from 40 down to 10, can also see Links is a very important part of the correlation between the Links than 10 forum outside the chain website directly useful!) K! Not to mention the keyword ranking.

then immediately above the LOGO and the head of H1 tags in each column page plus >.


see the title you don’t feel very strange: how the national day not to You’ll see. you will earn one hundred thousand? Probably to introduce, because of double coming, supporting high-speed policy this year awesome service, the author is engaged in car rental industry is booming, think of riding it before the national day right down the site do Shanghai Longfeng, hoping to get a better ranking, scheduled some vehicles, to increase the company’s revenue. read more

New optimization need to pay attention to the details of what

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1, making a rational title label

3 server, monitorThe

content acquisition mode

for search engines, in the analysis of web structure is important for the title tag is ignored, the search engine with the title tag to extract and analysis of the theme of the page, i.e. keywords location. When we set the title label must be combined with the keywords, and must be smooth, and attract. In the formulation of the title tag is need to pay attention to many details, long title tags not only in the search results page show completely, the user experience is not good. It is also easy to spread the weight, increase the difficulty of optimization, especially the homepage needs more brief. Keywords title tag must be reasonable, and can not appear and do not stack related pages. In our optimization process, in fact, is the most prone to the title tag page inadvertently repeated. Why? Many webmaster friends ignore list page title tags appear dozens of pages, or even hundreds of pages of repeat title tag list page title tags should be reasonable to set up. read more