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after 2010, there was a gold crossover between China and the us. The advantages of the United States in the PC era are gradually being replaced by the advantages of China Mobile internet. WeChat did the subscription number first, and Facebook didn’t do it until 2015, for two or three years. The fire has been broadcast live for several years, and has gradually been imitated by foreign Facebook, Twitter and so on. To some extent, Copy to China becomes Copy to America.

new three plate turn plate trend intensified, a variety of wonderful IPO case gradually emerge.


it is worth noting that, in the release of listed counseling after the announcement that April 21st evening, Blantyre technology released 2016 annual report, the annual loss of 42 million 385 thousand and 400 yuan. Market analysts said the company’s April 24th share price decline may be related to losses in 2016.

, June 13th, Blantyre Technology 830886 announced that it has achieved listed counseling filing letter. But look at the Blantyre technology company in 2016 earnings, loss of 42 million 385 thousand and 400 yuan, 28 million 250 thousand yuan loss in 2015.

June 14th, Blantyre technology announced that it has achieved listed counseling filing letter. But the amount of 42 million 385 thousand and 400 yuan of loss of 2016 year, appear particularly dazzling.

live to the sea: Copy, to, China to Copy, to, America

coincidentally, a good buy wealth 834418 2016 loss of 91 million 107 thousand and 800 yuan, also plan IPO. In addition, the emperor of science and Technology 831402, digital generous 832617 and other large losses, but also impressively ranked board list.

recently, Tencent also launched live applications in Hongkong, Malaysia and Thailand, "VOOV"". It is reported that the application once topped the Hongkong App Store download the top. On the Southeast Asian market, the more well-known live platform, as well as "It", "s Me", "", "unfamiliar street" and "Nonolive" and other direct broadcast applications. Even the Middle East market, there are Chinese entrepreneurs established 7Nujoom live APP.

red beauty

suffered shareholder holdings

new three board online · / text / such as ya

contrast, Blantyre technology has made the announcement on June 13th listed counseling filing letter message, does not have much impact on the stock price.

, that’s interesting. In general, listed companies to be IPO is a major positive, the old shareholders cover stocks could reverse the move, pientzehuang only that it was not optimistic about the Blantyre, science and technology.

now, China has 700 million smart phone users, PC Internet users 300 million, 400 million people only mobile Internet users, while the U.S. PC users and smart phone users basically coincide. Coupled with the domestic "90", "95" after the rise, the parties continue cross-border integration, in this characteristic, inspired more in line with the original mobile Internet services, WeChat is the best example.


a market professionals said that these listed company recently did not IPO, but in a huge loss, accept the listing counseling, and is obviously in.

announced the signing of a similar situation also occurred when the listing counseling agreement in April 20th Blantyre technology. In April 20th, Blantyre technology announced the signing of an agreement with the Huaan securities listed counseling. In April 21st, Blantyre technology rose 1.79% to close at 2.85 yuan / share. But in April 24th, the company’s share price fell 10.53%,

June 15th, Blantyre technology shares fell 1.72%, to close at 2.85 yuan / share. The day before 14, the company’s share price rose 1.05%, closing 2.90 yuan / share.

MEME live screenshot

network environment and mobile hardware have laid the market foundation for live products. The diversity of the western culture, the spirit of entertainment and the users

, co founded by Ying passenger and Funlpus plus interest group’s future interest entertainment announced the acquisition of Jinsha River venture capital investment company, Mel Signia Venture and Feder Partners A $25 million round of financing, its first official broadcast platform MEME live in the interior appearance. As early as last October, MEME live trial operation in Taiwan, will soon enter Japan, South Korea, the United States and other markets. Reflect the founder of the guests to pay respect to the truth, MEME live is reflected overseas version of the customer.

"future entertainment will not do the domestic market, we are positioned to focus on overseas 95 after the entertainment platform."." Next Entertainment future fun entertainment CEO, Funlpus Interest Group founder Andy Zhong very frankly, "domestic broadcast mode is better than foreign countries, in foreign countries can be very good copy and reference."."

original title: live sea: entrepreneurs across the land grab a wave of made in China network to occupy the global

two consecutive losses of enterprises, with what can achieve IPO listing?

January 5th


actually, in the annual report released in 2016, the second largest shareholder of Blantyre technology pientzehuang 600436 had holdings of shares. The reason for public disclosure is "to control risk and to preserve and increase the value of the company’s assets."".

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