Zhongguancun tophere underground layer of mobile phone stores. Photograph: Lv Meng, it was Wednesday, the day before the Dragon closed. And the other day, the store may.

"Oh, so cheap!"

until 2011, the number of stores has ah has thousands of stores, gross profit margin reached 55% at the end of the year end sales of more than about 1000000000, ranking the first place in the jewelry industry, more than the sum of the few companies ranked after.

mentioned here, most people will think of Dinghao electronic mall hereinafter referred to as tophere, Hailong Electronics City hereinafter referred to as the Dragon, Zhongguancun e world in front of those who need the black Lanhuo everywhere dense small shopping guide, store counters, all kinds of all kinds of accessories, and Sichuan people endless stream. Especially in computer Zanji era, Zhongguancun is like an open assembly plant, to meet the different needs of different groups of IT products.



in 2005, where only about 1000000 cash flow, Ye Fuguo will be worth to the signing of Hongkong star endorsement, big brand advertising, fortunately, he bet on. In 2006, the number of stores reached 400 ah. In 2009, I shop up to 2>

Zhao and his wife counter in tophere building A a side three layer position. Counter area is not large, at most three or four square meters, behind the counter shelves, half filled with ink cartridges, toner cartridges and other printing supplies, and the other half is cluttered with all kinds of data lines.

but Ye Guofu doesn’t think so.

aiyaya 2010 sales growth rate of around 40%, 2011 growth of about 30%, is expected 2012 sales growth rate will remain at 20%-30%.

, but with the disorderly competition in the market brought about by fakes, refurbished products run rampant, Zhongguancun electronic stores reputation has plummeted, and then was the main B2C model of the Internet electricity supplier squeezed. People are becoming more and more accustomed to shopping in the transparent online shopping mall, and the brand awareness is becoming stronger and stronger. Zhongguancun electronic stores also changed the crowded scene of the past, and began to slump.

10 years ago, Ye Guofu never graduated from technical secondary school, with their own work and earn 200 thousand, opened the first cosmetic jewelry store, then he will store location in the "only sell 10 yuan, did not expect this small adjustment, all of a sudden jump on the rapid development of the rocket on the mouth.


the small bosses at those counters have also tried to change. They set up shop in Taobao, registered companies, trying to become a supplier of Jingdong, and some from the "selling computers", "selling mobile phones" to "repair computers", "repair mobile phones."".

stores the time Zhongguancun only insisted tophere. In addition to the "computer city", "China’s Silicon Valley", "Pioneer Park", these are both labels, the future of Zhongguancun will have what new labels

May 29th, Guangdong aiyaya ornaments chain of Limited by Share Ltd hereinafter referred to as the "ah" chairman Ye Guofu told the special interview that I will be listed officially included in the time schedule, the listing is expected in 2013.


July 7, 2016, the location of the sea dragon also posted a "notice", said, "from now on to stop business, upgrading."".

this is the shop 10 yuan a lot of customers into Ye Guofu, said the first sentence. In 2004, Ye Guofu used the name "ah", registered companies and brands.

Photography: LV Meng,

long, small jewelry industry has always been the edge of the industry, most people can only take it as a jobs. From the business itself, a small jewelry store is difficult to expand: low barriers to entry, regional replication difficult, intense competition.

100 million yuan, with annual sales of more than about 1000000000 ah, not a lot of money, but its development process is the key step in.

Haidian book city no longer, Zhongguancun electronic stores no longer, an era is no longer. Zhongguancun can’t help but finish the positioning upgrade in the iteration".


ten yuan shop: parity strategy started

but alas, its stores in 95% for the franchise, the franchisee management, is a potential risk of its internal model. At the same time, but also face the impact of the electricity supplier aiyaya parity advantage.

used to be a very loving and hated place in Zhongguancun.

100 million yuan investment management for more than 10 billion of the fortune venture capital is not a small investment, but it is the morning of venture capital chairman Liu Zhou after three years of

after obtaining the investment of the morning, Ye Guofu is considering whether to "the layout of the high-end jewelry e-commerce, and enter the field of electronic commerce at the right time." He plans to create a creative industry park design, animation, e-commerce and logistics in one.

nonetheless, the changes in Zhongguancun’s iteration are still inevitable. In 2011, the Pacific Computer City closed down, and then the Zhongguancun e world issued a notice after the Spring Festival in 2016, saying it would be rented in a whole or a whole way, unified management, and no longer engaged in the business of electronic stores. In Western Zhongguancun, new formats to Zhongguancun Venture Street as the representative of this area has become the new coordinates, a wave of entrepreneurial space emerged.

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