was elected president of the science and Technology Association of Sanjiang University in March 2006. In June, he completed the fifth session of the University of Sanjiang science and technology festival, and successfully held in October. The activities for a period of nearly a month and a half, the city’s 22 universities attended the event, held a total of more than 20 games in size. Among them, the color ring design, network magazine design and other events are held in Nanjing for the first time.

two, Myspace China Luo Chuan: Internet users Chinese grade quietly change

wants from the source is planning and advertising to help customers in the mall sell their products. The profits of the mall mainly come from collecting rents and publicity fees to customers. When asked about the exact amount of profit, the source said, "probably 50%."". "But in our shop customers, the investment of one yuan to gain profits, but can reach three yuan, four yuan, or even ten yuan."."

After accumulating a certain amount of knowledge, technology and experience,

, I’ve been brewing this platform for almost a year now. Meanwhile, I have written a lot of planning schemes and requested some

5 profit model example: customized quantity data packets and restricted communication. Such as L’OREAL data package, to provide users a choice, if they love their little machine open to see, because it is self acceptance, and limited transmission on the website, this form of data packets can be used for reference.

7 do not apply traditional advertising community profit model. Such as Ms. sachet in the community, generated by the user using a lot of experience and evaluation, can let the user for reference in the purchase of sachet before positive evaluation for the enterprise is also a sachet of publicity, are very real value for users and enterprises.


3 use the community environment to attract users Chinese. At present, many people still believe that China mass taste vulgar, "material" level, in fact, is gradually from this level, more and more people are in urgent need of a high grade environment. For example, as a high grade symbol of Chinese "National Geographic" magazine, 2000 sales of just 10 thousand copies, now at about 800 thousand copies, which in part reflects the quietly changing Chinese grade, and the key point of this transformation is around 2004.

started a new business plan. He still chose to rely on the Internet, to create the ideal of his "electronic mall."".

"as far as I know, no one has done it in Nanjing yet."." In the source said, the function of the electronic mall is actually very simple, that is, "in the hands of goods, but can not open the entity store" to provide a trading platform. "The pattern with Taobao looks pretty much the same."

although the site eventually became the source of regret, but as his first entrepreneurial attempt, the domain name is still a "opened three days of sh419 search keywords first" and "day the number exceeded 200 people" best track. It is understood that the domain name has now become a service platform, and did not help the source realize the dream of profit.

to the source was a student at Sanjiang University Department of computer science major in computer, when it comes to business he has his own unique insight: "an elite IT once said" don’t ever work for others ", this sentence let me benefit.  

did not give up in the source, he was looking for opportunities.

in December 2004, just one in the source is obtained in Jiangsu province college students network contest award ", which has brought confidence to his business.

, a Tencent of Wu Xiaoguang: how to let the community become a reality

"dog in the manger never do things." In the face of the Jiangsu Business Daily reporter, in the source lightly said his motto".

entered sophomore year, he began his career as a source. In January 2006, his first website, Taobao www.taobaowang, was born.

4 user groups and advertising space potential. China community website user coverage is not more than 50%, is not a normal distribution mostly young people, so with the United States to present normal distribution and basically meet all the needs of real life, Chinese community sites have great potential for development. In the word of mouth marketing, should pay close attention to the future whether American advertising platforms like Doubleclick, Panama, that great


1 if you can meet the user’s emotions and sharing needs, charges can be achieved. According to the experience of the Tencent, the community charge is key to success whether to meet the audience’s emotional expression, personality and other information besides the subjective demand, and demand can give friends to share the good stuff.


three, Qihoo Qi Xiangdong: community to life but also to the commercial

2 if you can create value for users to achieve a certain degree of users are willing to pay. Although there is a general user objectionable advertising phenomenon, but the advertising community is not terrible. The key to see whether to create value for customers.

four, Sequoia Capital.

23 year old charge

6 the future of the community and commercial value in life. So even if the location is not entertainment, authoritative information etc. the community website is very promising. For example, a trash site, someone sent demand, trash business will offer a large number of users keep abreast, select a best price, here waiting for manufacturers door-to-door. Like to meet the daily application site is also very promising.

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