, a chain of resources collection and arrangement is the key of

two, Shanghai dragon Er chain construction should pay attention to the efficiency of

website optimization promotion cannot leave the support of the chain, if the promotion of a website is not outside the chain, then the optimization effect is far from the ideal, can be said that the effect will not come so fast now, at least, all walks of life website competition, little attention will be catching up, therefore the optimization of this process is a long-term work, never finish one day, some high weight station why don’t chain? It is because the weight of the site itself is already high, popularity has been high enough to catch up with others, the website is difficult, in fact, now a lot of good websites help free publicity, free to send the chain, for example familiar with the A5 station network, when asked to learn where to see the Shanghai Dragon Well, others first introduce A5, in Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar know love love, forum Blog, etc., can be seen everywhere in the chain. When a website has become a brand, more attention is paid to the website operation direction.

is now the site optimization, and many times is the competition for resources, the chain is also the case, if a site used, we have the chain of rich resources to support, so the time it takes less than others, the effect is better than the others; therefore we should pay attention to constantly optimize the site collect the chain resources, such as some places can send the chain, we marked out, when to send the next time we can directly into the release, which also reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.

so when we haven’t reached such a level site, we should persevere, the chain this piece of course, is really a waste of time and energy to feel a lot of friends outside the chain, all the hair of the chain, the desperate people tired, the effect is not so ideal, is actually a lot of time we have not mastered the chain release skills, when we have the skill chain this for us is a piece of cake, here to talk about three points outside the chain should pay attention to the (purely own summary):

released the chain number is very important, but also have to consider the quality, before many friends always did not go to the careful analysis, to say he is good with bad hair, in fact, many places had no effect, such as some forum, is purely unattended, piles the advertisement, although his hair is high, but has no effect, because it will not be included in the search engine.

so we send the chain, we should pay more attention to the effects, such as the provisions of their day issued 30 outside the chain, not to say the end of it, it must be included, when we have the resources, the 30 chain for us is not too much, such as an article with two connections, we as long as 15 articles can fix a day, spend half an hour with the chain this is enough.

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