Shanghai dragon have 3 months, also met a lot of friends in Shanghai Longfeng this line, also discussed Shanghai dragon techniques

4: website space, domain name


also recognized several novice Shanghai dragon at the same time, the basic understanding of Shanghai dragon, also want to do Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is also know that thing, understand! But the real implementation of the step is not you think so good, some people may say, do not Shanghai dragon is so few? Some people succeed, but there are a lot of people are on the way to success for reasons, I personally feel that their failure in Shanghai dragon unique thinking of chaos, a lot of people watching the others, suddenly feel this is not a simple

2: unique theme

this is what you do in Shanghai dragon fatal idea, because you have been in accordance with the thinking of others in the walk, the Shanghai dragon master, everyone understands Shanghai dragon is not the same, do Shanghai dragon is not the same, you see the article, not just to see what he does, but also to see their Shanghai Longfeng thinking from that article, so you can one day surpass others.

I said the first time users may have many friends do not know what it means, or do not understand, say you go to your friends to visit the newly renovated house, what is the first thing you care about? The user into your first impression of the website is not the website content, website ranking is not, but the interface structure of website, a good interface allows users to a certain impression on your web site.

for Shanghai dragon, a lot of people just want the money, always think in the choice of space, here not much said, lest we Tucao! A stable space could not bring himself to the normal development of effective optimization settings, but also allows users on the site to produce psychological distrust. Every two or three days not open space to replace the

5: the purpose of the station

3: your mind

for Shanghai Longfeng novice website ranking is always pursuit, but ignore some deadly details:


1: the first

a lot of friends in the Shanghai dragon website, the process is one of the basic machine, know how to optimize the site, such as a simple blog basically is Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon article, plus some of his stuff, although just do blog ranking, or other profit, but for a the personal website must live in the foot to win reputation, a resounding theme makes you suddenly stood out in the same industry.

this is not a normal problem, some people do in their Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon blog, a few months do not know what is the purpose of the blind pursuit of row.


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