these days have been learning some knowledge of data analysis, suddenly found after know there was a lot of knowledge is not, he is still a rookie. Today known in Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon blog and communicate with you about visits to the site you can know what page, you can get to analyze those data, analyze the data and what are the benefits for your website, know what needs to be adjusted. You can know what respondents page? From statistical background our website where you can see which pages every user is your site access, so we know what respondents from the

second, you can know your page keyword layout is reasonable. Through the data we see, these respondents more pages through which keywords, and those keywords and whether you had the same page layout, these pages and keywords you focus on Optimization of whether little difference. If it is, then your optimization is very reasonable, but also meet the needs of users. If not, you need to be adjusted, allowing users to tell you which keywords should layout in which pages, rather than simply relying on your own ideas to the layout of key words. And tell you the user keywords is very valuable, you also need to know these pages or what product layout, make the page optimization to maximize the effect. Because Shanghai Longfeng based on Web pages to consider.

first, you can know what page is website is the most click. Every user, through the search engine or other way to your site, which pages are most users click on these pages, information or products ", according to the surveyed data page up. Check your website is what the user needs, live in a direction from the station, which can be a very good grasp, you should move towards which direction to adjust, which is the user need. Similarly, you can also see whether the page that you want to present to the user, which is not a user page love what the situation is, how to let the other not welcome page adjustment by clicking on the largest local learning, let the whole site to achieve maximum intensity of user clicks, let the whole website to enhance efficiency, and not only local.


third, you can know your website marketing direction is correct. We always want to do website optimization in Shanghai Longfeng data analysis, has always been to the needs of users for direction. Your site really need to carry out marketing network marketing is what product, service and so on, to analyze the statistics of our website background, we found that users click on the page, what do they need? We had focused on the promotion of products? Or when we emphasize the marketing services by our customers? The behavior, in contrast to our customized website marketing plan, and now the strategy is consistent, if your site is successful, if your purpose and user behavior is not the same thing, we need to adjust the site.

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