1, making a rational title label


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content acquisition mode

for search engines, in the analysis of web structure is important for the title tag is ignored, the search engine with the title tag to extract and analysis of the theme of the page, i.e. keywords location. When we set the title label must be combined with the keywords, and must be smooth, and attract. In the formulation of the title tag is need to pay attention to many details, long title tags not only in the search results page show completely, the user experience is not good. It is also easy to spread the weight, increase the difficulty of optimization, especially the homepage needs more brief. Keywords title tag must be reasonable, and can not appear and do not stack related pages. In our optimization process, in fact, is the most prone to the title tag page inadvertently repeated. Why? Many webmaster friends ignore list page title tags appear dozens of pages, or even hundreds of pages of repeat title tag list page title tags should be reasonable to set up.


for new sites, the most is the lack of rich and colorful content, however, many webmaster friends ignore the content not only more, need to reflect more quality. Pay attention to the webmaster webmaster friends with "no time", "fast" and other reasons for content acquisition, in the current search engine strengthen the content of audit under the condition of the poor performance of the website as can be imagined, later, even the possible negative effect, causing the site to drop right into the dark room". The new website, should have enough high quality content shall be open, let the search engine spiders to crawl and crawl. In view of this, we can use the pre hosting service provided by the three level domain or two level domain test and update the content, ensure that the main page is no longer empty, you can bind the two domain name resolution ready. New website, have rich high quality content, so the search engine can get more trust.

server is very important for the site, the server needs to buy according to the website CMS and size >

no matter how successful and have the marketing power of the website, is a new station slowly step by step gradually mature, which is the site of the only way which must be passed. For new sites, should pay more attention to the optimization of the details, pay attention to every aspect of optimization can help get more ranking. For new sites, search engines will be the mechanism of assessment, assessment time varies with the development of the website. Of course, there are also the leading website optimization improper was put in the dark room, so understanding matters needing attention in the optimization of the railway station is very important, in view of this, the author also talk about personal experience, hope to interact with colleagues, making it more profound and the ability to be further improved.

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