is a PR3 so that the original 2 of the weight of the domain name to back online has become a PR2 weight (0 Links from 40 down to 10, can also see Links is a very important part of the correlation between the Links than 10 forum outside the chain website directly useful!) K! Not to mention the keyword ranking.

then immediately above the LOGO and the head of H1 tags in each column page plus >.


see the title you don’t feel very strange: how the national day not to You’ll see. you will earn one hundred thousand? Probably to introduce, because of double coming, supporting high-speed policy this year awesome service, the author is engaged in car rental industry is booming, think of riding it before the national day right down the site do Shanghai Longfeng, hoping to get a better ranking, scheduled some vehicles, to increase the company’s revenue.

first come about my website, the website is all made by me, in the last year to the first half of this year when several words are in love in Shanghai before three, but for some reasons, the replacement of the server, transfer from abroad to the domestic VPS formal record room however, this figure is a big trouble. In the record of these days, let the site does not open, so I looked at the site included and love Shanghai weight down only anxious, thinking about business now fortunately, will only slowly wait, wait until the country on the line again to update the site, set up weight.

is found before the site is on the LOGO homepage remember the head file plus a word! Is this sentence so I click into place they are in, the H1 label, but because of the use of my website, not familiar with the label only H2, H3 tags (directly apply online template file)! Think of it website station are not H1

like this for 1, 2 months, love Shanghai collected to my website, but are not included with the WWW web site, also remembered this website also did not do a 301 redirect after or without tube, do not update the article and the chain, such as weight transfer.

is also looking forward to 1, February, or only with WWW included, a domain name has not included the signs of the heart even more anxious, seeing the eleven coming, to find the reasons on the website, various methods have already exhausted, keywords deployment, ALT property, in the chain of Shanghai dragon it should be said, the methods have been used in building site when all are used, what I have started looking for other top-ranking website. Check their included and trans, the conclusion is the first ten sites included and chain together just with my flat! Oh, enterprise is like this, but I don’t understand why my ranking or not, and some sites included dozens of the chain 100 ranked in the top three

!I feel helpless when

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