therefore, if cooperation training institutions and entities, to create a VR content of technology development and training site, or VR Technology Forum and so on, and then through the Shanghai dragon Optimization Website value, is definitely a good challenge.

second, VR museum to join the project. According to the current trend, the theory on the next ten years, VR heat will continue to grow, especially with the revolutionary progress of VR technology, VR virtual reality user experience greatly improved, consumers will be willing to spend money to enjoy the fruits of science and technology. Like watching a movie, we are more willing to go to the cinema to enjoy a more powerful visual and auditory experience. Similarly, large VR devices are more favored by consumers, Wang VR Museum in the stream of people, can enjoy the common experience to the effect of VR glasses.

first, VR technology training website. VR glasses to today, is not universal, technology is not yet mature, most consumers contact VR are the primary experience. At the same time, VR resources are very scarce, when VR develops to a certain extent, VR everywhere in the world, it is self-evident importance of content and resources. It is necessary to perfect the VR virtual reality development training, we can see this from the word "VR" love Shanghai in search results, competition is very fierce, many companies are also aware of this point.

In recent years the

VR index

so, VR will join the museum experience like other traditional industries like hot up. From the love of Shanghai’s search results, there are not many VR to join the project site, this time by the Shanghai dragon cut, the timing is very good.

this reminds me of the VR business, for example can be applied to the Shanghai dragon VR glasses, Shanghai found it unable to restrain the emotions of love. There are lots of people in It is as expected, two years ago have created VR related websites, and ranking has been very good, this tribute to the predecessors have prophetic vision. Of course, in my opinion, VR and real project entrepreneurship should hook, currently the top big coffee website is information based on the news. So, there is a great space for VR Shanghai dragon website, I think we can proceed from the following three VR project.

VR fire, every day the news headlines are. At first I was not too much attention, but the information age, some things are being forced into the brain, and finally the formation of a conditioned reflex, slowly to VR have curiosity, hence study the love of VR data in Shanghai.

VR glasses manufacturing sales website. Although the VR Museum has a better user experience, after all, can not match the needs of the public. VR large equipment limited sources, not to see what can be seen, but not everyone is willing to go to experience VR, more Indoorsman Indoorswoman more willing to lie in their nest, leisurely enjoy a good.



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