for you to take a picture is descriptive, your target keywords file name on the picture of the optimization.


1, ALT tag using

sets up a website robots.txt document to ensure that the image file can be search spiders crawl, remember not to use the JavaScript to link the picture file, if you do, the search engine is unable to retrieve your picture document >

2, 5 commonly used key label

through observation, many novice contact site optimization in the first time, the optimization of image have not paid much attention, leading to late site experience is not very good, the website wants to have a very good ranking, almost is very difficult, if we’re full today to talk about how to do well in the station "picture Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

optimizationContains the

4, make sure the picture can be crawled by search engines

for the station optimization of Shanghai Longfeng, NH rarely talked about how to optimize the station web images, because the pictures and text for a certain degree of difficulty, the text points may be better for keywords, anchor text optimization, keyword ranking more favorable for this.

standard should be 5 key labels included: SRC, width, height, ALT and title.

is an excellent website to give visitors a good impression, not only reflected in the wording of the right words, more important is the need to high quality images to collocation, therefore in website optimization, we should not only learn to write the original article, but also in the optimization of the picture, but also need to invest enough energy to study.

Picture embedded code

title is a supplement to the picture and additional instructions, if necessary in the mouse after picture text should appear with attribute title, if deemed most critical for alt tags.

(ALT) is to replace the text image in your document viewer to provide the words for those who cannot see.

station "Shanghai dragon optimization, add what we should do in the page keyword pictures of ALT tag is one of the most important points in the optimization of Shanghai dragon image, but also our picture search ranking first step. A good ALT will be more conducive to the spider crawling

For the

if you have a picture on the door, then it should be used like damen.jpg with a description of the nature of the file name, instead of using the code name is t123.jpg, of course, also can make the file name tag and the ALT content inside the same or consistent, do not casually use this the name pic1234.jpg, and should use to describe more clearly the name, such as: gongsidamen.jpg.

3, the image file name

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