long tail keywords is one of the most important keywords for a web site, its importance is not inferior to the target keywords, especially for large web sites is the main source of traffic. Some kind of precise long tail keywords, can not only bring a lot of accurate flow, and the conversion rate is very high. Believe in the importance of long tail keywords as long as it is done for a period of time the friends are very clear, I do not introduce here. You may ask, we know the importance of long tail keywords, but do not know how to do. Long tail keywords website ranking how I do not come, I believe many of my friends will have such doubts, I do Shanghai dragon in the early also have similar doubts. Today found the best solution, that is the title as described in, the use of other people’s Gao Quanzhong platform to do their site’s long tail keywords.

you see, in the love of Shanghai search Dongguan roast fish, the home has three key words of our company. A corporate blog. A good speaker, there is a city of 58. we use these high weight of the third party platform to our website long tail keywords ranking fast to do, today issued a message, tomorrow will have ranking. Of course, your keyword layout should be reasonable, of course we are doing Shanghai dragon, a little of keyword layout understanding friends I believe it can be done. As long as several keywords appear in the several important places on it (of course not a keyword, causing adverse reading is not good).


you think if we use third party high weight platform to do long tail keywords our website ranking, which is fast and convenient. If you use your website to do the long tail keywords ranking, it will take long time. The high weight of the platform is not only suitable for long tail keywords, some keywords and even big competition we can do it, we then look at this picture

you know the weight of a enterprise stand is very low, if you want to rely on their own weight to do long tail keywords ranking, it is very difficult. Especially some new sites, but I don’t think. Since the long tail keywords so important, our own website and do not go up, how to do? How to operate before you take a look at this picture

like Shanghai library and Shanghai Post Bar had love, "

you see, like the Shanghai dragon training target keywords competition can make up for the love of Shanghai know, of course, this very competitive keywords may make up a relatively difficult, for example, you also need to continue this competitive target keywords top and comments and sharing of maintenance. Although there is some trouble, but please compare, if you use a website to do this very competitive word, how long do you need. Such a comparison is really pale into insignificance by comparison.

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