two, what decoration company marketing mode:

in daily life, when friends looking for decoration decoration company feel good service, the decoration is also beautiful can reach the owner’s heart overdue; this case is probably the first choice of friends decoration company! Of course at present city fast process, the information sharing is no longer spoken the above described (yes WeChat circle of friends, QQ space,


5, owners of the QQ group:

! WeChat

2), make full use of area in the neighborhood, for matchmaking

, a full analysis of the owners choose the decoration way:

2, advanced into the opening cell guerrillas or decoration company:

For example, ! ) media ads )!

1), such as the opening of new channels to get through some small owners to call


4), participate in group purchase will.

decoration owners Moumou QQ group, QQ group! We often see the owners to join in the inquiry experience decoration in the QQ group


general life inside the city white-collar elite, petty, on one occasion to see a company advertising may have a strong interest in media such as TV, box! Lift, such as bus, such as newspapers and so on! Of course the bus stop and the district advertising is


1), I might love Shanghai or any other search engine search decoration company


, 1 friends:

3, above the network not to search:

1, the line marketing:

6, WeChat

4), may go to some decoration portal, such as reviews, diaries, share! Of course first thing or advertisement! If I want to decorate I might point to go see

, a company in the owner’s eyes, want to get through the comparison of decoration scheme anticipated! Then there will be a considerable part of the owners chose this type of company or decoration guerrillas

4, I often see in the life of the brand advertisement decoration company:

or the relationship

is a circle of friends, WeChat’s public account is also very important! The owners will in the public account inside the search to a certain place decoration concern public account! Of course public accounts need to do some advanced functions! Otherwise can not keep the owners of

3), possibly through the circle of friends, see a beautiful decoration apartment layout, have had a strong interest! If my friends and a city, then I will call to ask which company


2), maybe I will go to some BBS community to look at other people’s share of


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