(4) the structure of your site is not clear, don’t let the spider love

engine punishment because of black hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization

when your site appears a lot of pseudo original content or content direct acquisition of others, the spider can determine this is a garbage sites, such sites are often not what good rankings, but also love Shanghai now has been in the fight against collection site. The author has done a lot of Taobao customers friend is miserable.

website? The author thinks that the structure of the site can be divided into page structure (OnPage structure) and page structure (OffPage structure). The website structure refers to the hierarchical relationship between pages in the site, according to the nature can be divided into logical structure and physical structure.

website ranking drop, even by plucking, I believe that many webmaster have encountered, but many owners did not know their own website ranking is the reasons for the decline of the engine, but also do not know after ranking drop on the website, how should I do to recover after the K website ranking. The author through observation and analysis after several summarize the reasons may lead to the decline in ranking websites.

if the transfer station of the article at the original link to you, then the engine can be very good to recognize the original site will be protected, please refer to the specific methods of how to reprint the original author link station.

What is the structure of the is a collection of others

(1) original content website is reproduced don’t stand

website structure. Site structure clear can help users to quickly obtain the required information; on the contrary, if the structure of a web site is extremely bad, when users access into the maze like, finally will only select >

Has a very important influence search engine friendly and user experience on the website of the The original

(3) and

black hat cheating Shanghai dragon moon blog not repeat here, if you deliberately use black hat optimization Shanghai dragon was punished, the best remedy is to put all the black hat cheating traces removed, and sent a request to re evaluate engine. After many sites are plucked, an robots.txt is to reject the crawler visit, one month after opening up, let the spider by mistake is a railway station. This is a purely upset, but a month is not enough time to allow the engine to eliminate the bad record of your new station, and there is a very long period, the personal webmaster, was a disaster.

(2) the content of the website is false original or original content

website is reproduced don’t stand will directly lead to theft website ranking drop, the majority appeared in the small station, most of the time the engine spider can not tell who is the original, who is a reprint of theft, when the engine is found to have too much of the same web content database but it cannot identify who is the original site. It is likely to be original or reproduced stolen website all right down.

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