3, Links: if you have four blog, now is as follows: A, B, C, D, then A can link B, B link C, C link D. Then each blog link to add website. Remember: do not make love Shanghai space blog.

blog link is very good, but the beginning of the end of 2012, the blog blog, as long as any form of the links are not included. But we still have a way to do that is "blog link chain wheel". A blog is just some hard things, but it can transfer the blog to keep a good weight to the site. Before the current purchase network has achieved good results in this way, you may wish to try.

the role of the chain of Shanghai dragon inside 70%-80%, a website, want to flow, to get good rankings in search engine rankings, and want to must have a certain weight. Weight means love Shanghai emphasis on the site, a site not enough weight, love Shanghai don’t even give in ranking qualification. Apart from other factors is to rely on our website weight, chain transfer.

classified information link form is pure text, although the text is relatively not so good outside chain, but for a web site outside of the chain, the chain in a variety of forms is more natural, it is helpful to the website.

4, the appropriate pseudo original, occasionally also reproduced the correlation.

please do not release information released every day is the best day repeat content, the contents are not the same. Every day, write their own a small copy, then please remember the copy add to our web site, it is not necessarily the main.

is feasible and practical, worth a try, the net purchase some of the chain is to do so, here only the "simple" to discuss specific chain operation, not to discuss other factors.

There was no correlation between

, a blog:

two, classified information:

1, establish several blogs: commonly used are: Sina, Tianya, Sohu, NetEase, and

Several chain construction method under

is currently testing included is good platform: the list of speakers, love net, hurry up 8 and KOVO…… You can also find some testing, several platforms above is the current purchase network test results were good.

2, determine the theme of the blog, keep the blog updates, general blog post, is the second;

; The stability of

external links is not the more the better, and release of the link is not stable, a few days away, this link, spent a lot of effort to do, but also with little success. So, some people every day the chain, but still no effect, but the chain quality is not good, but also has a relationship with this aspect.

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