site structure is like the human body skeleton, skeleton scattered people survive, good website structure can help the search engine more efficient use of the table table to grab the page, obviously a lot of Web site structure was used, the search engine spiders on the non constant offensive, if you use div+css to layout, the spider can smoothly crawl page for link level, not too deep, so as not to fall into the abyss of spider climb up, even climb up the next time will not come again.


a few days ago in the company before with colleagues about the English website optimization how to do this problem, he went to work in a foreign trade Shanghai dragon at present. The webmaster all know, English website mainly for Google search engine optimization, here to talk about personal views English website optimization

to engage in foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng colleagues to get search engines such as Google’s favor, the details determine the success or failure. For example: "URL" fonts, encoding, whether the structure of static website and ranking will have a great impact.

1, the website structure

  how to do?;

foreign trade Shanghai Longfeng know, many web page titles are the same, no meta elements are optimized, this is not very friendly in the Google search engine, webmaster all know, as early as two years ago, Google officially announced keywords and description ranking in the search results play an important role in reducing, Shanghai dragon is a little bit of work, even if the decrease can not be denied completely, the title of the text has a great influence on the keywords ranking title, can not blindly attract users, as do false facts, the title and the article is completely consistent, irrelevant.

site map for the search engine page is of great help, but also an important entrance into the search engine website. Site map of two categories: 1, 2, HTML to the user XML to Google search engine watch. The Robots file is equivalent to the appearance of the website, search engine to the site, the first time will browse the robots files, and determine what pages should grab or crawl, personal recommend > two

English group of words in fact long tail word is Chinese optimization, for example, for example, we should optimize the word "cook", to this kind of word with cooking, cooker and cook to optimize, can do to maximize meet customer needs.

2, English group

3, detail elements

Url structure, in China, love Shanghai led search engine using URL Chinese love spell, if it is English website, mainly by Google, URL will use English words for the best.

4, meta

optimization The

site map and robots file

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