first said that the forum signature, if it is to increase the breadth of the chain, leaving a signature effect is also a bit. But some of the.

      in the past, each big portal blog is a free place, is also issued by the chain must be applied to the platform. Did the sprocket blog friends all know, in the past few years, the blog of the chain effect is indeed very good. Blog sprocket Qiu Shida is a typical example, he alone let the large sprocket blog site on their own daily weather forecast, access to hundreds of thousands of IP from love Shanghai, even reached the peak of millions. However, in the first half of this year, the website IP to million.


      a chain of cheating

      each big forum is always webmaster keen to patronize the place, generally leave the chain in two ways. One is the forum signature, another is to insert the anchor text page posts. The two way the chain can be said to be a balm, then they make to cheating?

      this is a cheating in the world. Real life prices, price cheating, cheating on the Internet experience. I have since engaged in Internet related occupation, long lived in similar to the A5, the laggards owners of these aggregation platform, see countless experiences posted. Indeed each article wise remark of an experienced person and have a lot to learn, but often the actual operation, the effect is actually unsatisfactory.   sharing the experience of predecessors is not unreasonable, but the change of the world Internet cheating too fast. For the chain this piece, because this love Shanghai has made a relatively large adjustment, the chain in many platforms, or not included, the weight is either passed out into a very low (in fact, Shanghai has been in love weaken this effect). Many of the previous owners handy chain technique have been difficult to see the effect, make Shanghai dragon is indeed the need to adhere to, but the premise is to understand the current situation of industry environment, find the right direction, and then stick to. The following contents, the author and the webmaster friends to share, in 2011, several common drawbacks of chain technique, to discuss the future development of the road in Shanghai, where.

      two. Forum outside the chain of cheating

      in this case, we can clearly see the weight to large range love Shanghai on the blog the chain are weakened, and now the largest portal blog itself and have some action: love Shanghai space frequent titles, Sina blog with the chain blog cannot be opened since June this year, NetEase join the nofollow code, the Phoenix blog chain will be deleted, the Sohu blog included rate is extremely low……

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