rational use of resources Why

and a engage in machinery industry recruiters chats:

now through the Internet people who make money very much, do network promotion, website optimization is also more and more people. So, some time for us to do the promotion optimization does not necessarily have to hire a full-time staff. For the website updates chat more, this will need to recruit some professional website editor, for example: website, Taobao mall, news website, this website will need some full-time workers and workers in Shanghai Longfeng website editor. For small and medium sized enterprises, if a large number of sources of business is not from the Internet (traditional industries), and only one or two of enterprise website operation site, this time some do not need to recruit a few full-time workers in Shanghai dragon, the above said recruit full-time workers for at least one month to more than 1500 wages, otherwise is not to recruit people. But if the part-time man put words do go up, can cost thousands of dollars at the time, but if the website rankings do go up after a month to pay hundreds of dollars in maintenance costs, so as to save a large part of the expenditure. I think the small and medium enterprises Why not?

The above Second full-time and part-time employees



third to improve the working efficiency of

said the small and medium enterprises to improve the work efficiency of small and medium enterprises? The boss in the recruitment.


talked about Shanghai dragon we are not unfamiliar, but in the work process is not only the need for large website search engine optimization, and for small enterprises also want to through their own web site, and then get some useful information from the search engine. We all know that large sites because there are enough resources and personnel, do Shanghai dragon which is an advantage; instead of small and medium-sized businesses to compete through search engines and large sites, I think it is hard to.


can chat I want some advice for small and medium enterprises:

I think no matter where a company wants to reasonable use of their own resources, because only the resources amount used to save more resources, and small and medium-sized enterprise resource utilization, a great waste for the situation now. Engaged in machinery industry of Shanghai Longfeng workers know the industry before sex a lot of Shanghai promotion, love Shanghai may now have certain limitations for the promotion of the industry, the machinery industry competition intensity is very large, resulting in Shanghai love promotion time click on the cost of consumption is quite large, and love Shanghai if it is not in the top three, the order of their investment tend to make ends meet, thus resulting in a waste of money.

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