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content for the importance of the site as compared to the webmaster have a deep, because the quality of site content will directly affect the site optimization results, user experience friendly experience etc.. Then the content of the site construction of how to achieve diversification? Many webmaster to save time directly through the acquisition of other sites that will make their content without innovation, and the information on the Internet is stereotyped, but on the other hand to the webmaster every day to write original content is impossible. The author believe that even if the 100% original we also can according to user needs appropriate pseudo original, but also the innovation in the content, add pictures, video and so on, to attract users.

with the development of web industry and the search industry more and more mature, the search engine algorithm is more intelligent and humane, if you want to own site in an invincible position, you need to have no others, are better than others. As the saying goes, I have no people, I have fine. In order to make their sites remain in the best condition. So how to make your site the author thinks that the talent shows itself? The easiest way is to build a diversified through site optimization. Today I will share some experience in this aspect.

we can see that the chain in the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. So how do we build a multiple station link? I think the first thing we need to diversify the anchor text, not in the whole site using a monotonous anchor text keywords. The use of different anchor text can better improve the user friendly experience, you can also avoid the search engine that our site optimization excessive. Then the chain is in the target page needs diversification, not all within the chain are pointing to the same page or home page, this is not conducive to the optimization of the site, but also easily lead to uneven distribution of weight. The last is diversified in the form of the chain, don’t just use the anchor text or hyperlinks, should be in line with local conditions set inside chain form.


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, four diverse traffic sources

in the optimization process of Chinese and foreign chain not only to the site’s ranking plays a key role, but also affects the stability of the rankings. For the optimization of personnel in the construction of outreach, don’t put all your egg in one basket, excessive dependence on a chain platform. To the author’s observation that many optimization personnel when the chain construction mainly focus on the forums and blogs on the two platforms. In fact, this practice will make the chain the lack of diversification. This time we in the construction of the chain need to select more than one platform building, in order to make their chain more diversified.

flow is the ultimate goal of every webmaster do stand, many webmaster superficial as long as you can get good rankings flow > A

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