in today’s Internet in many webmaster to increase your website traffic, by optimizing your website, do not a long tail keywords and your site theme, there is some soft, advertising in the major portals, guide the user clicks, and these words or soft advertising or in fact our website is not consistent with the theme itself. But when I heard some Adsense exchange in small and in the industry, no matter what type of advertising, first made in the said, in fact it is doomed to days after we jump out of the main reason for the high rate of the website. We all know the user to enter our website is to find the content they need, and your website without the content they need, will be shut down immediately, so I want to reduce the bounce rate promotion Keywords website the first thing we need to do is conversion to the theme of the site and we will have a unified introduction of the following small highlights proposed on the small jie.

2, whether the chain or soft advertising is also worth mentioning, and we need a unified website theme phase, for example, we have to do is how to make money you pay a website, and the chain we released some leg pictures and other content, so after this time point to the user will first feel cheated the second is, immediately turn off the site.

for many webmaster, has been "conversion rate" of the topic are confused, his website compared to the same industry flow of a site, the profit is far lower than that of them, this time will have to involve the conversion of this topic, whether it is too high the rate of jump out of your site? The answer is yes in fact, at this point, you can imagine that if a website can effectively reduce the rate of jump out of ten percent sites, and the conversion rate of our website will be able to have a new upgrade, the profit will naturally increase, so a high profit website must to reduce your bounce rate, improve conversion rate. The following small for this how to improve the conversion rate to reduce the bounce rate of this topic is summarized, and I hope to help you.


(a) and the introduction of the theme of the site is unified


1, the title of the site to have unity and website content, for example, the title of the site is how to make money, but our website content is related with leg slimming you said, users will like

(two) if the design of the website allows users to

for a user’s favorite website, we ensure that the theme and content of the relevant circumstances, another point is that the web page is let users feel very habits, compared to other sites and in the industry and novelty, compared with the similar web site, the page is simple, users can quickly find their own to the content, but also simple enough, the benefits of this is conducive to better user visit other relevant content. For a web page and habits we also need to pay attention to.


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