buy the chain including purchase link and soft, the effect is obvious, and it is easy to achieve. Want to buy high quality home chain chain to buy, do not buy low quality of the chain, of course, this is according to the needs of everyone, to make a judgment. We want to say is soft, good soft, have a common characteristic, that is to show people help, but also is not soft. If your soft Wen was many people reproduced, your site outside the chain will increase, the weight will also increase. This is the so-called quality.

do the above, I believe the quality of the chain to your site will be significantly improved, and the number will increase, which will increase your website ranking.

three, buy the chain

Rely on quality to speak If

two, breadth first

The first 3 months of the

, Links Ningkuimoujian

website, do not blindly in order to increase the chain exchange Links, because their website almost no weight, in exchange for Links quality is relatively low, which is not conducive to the long-term development of the site. The website after the exchange Links should pay special attention to whether other site types of websites related to oneself; collection, search engine keyword ranking and proportion; the site structure is reasonable. Because they are doing more harm can be done easily. Then consider the PR value and Alexa ranking and flow. Finally, since the exchange of Links to cooperate for a long time, don’t try to cheat the chain, the chain of short website does not work.

website promotion and Shanghai dragon all know that the chain is essential for the promotion of a website. The weight of the website is affected by the quality and quantity of the chain to a great extent. Sometimes the search engine is conquered by the strong chain, thus the importance of the chain. Here we have to share in the chain increases, the need to follow the principles:

this way the chain need to adhere to, and many owners can not adhere to, so there is no benefit from. If you want to achieve the superposition of a quantity you must adhere to one or two months of release, although the form of the link quality is very low, but if the superposition reached a certain amount of increase in the weight of the site is quite large. This is the so-called breadth first.

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