2, the way to get the related information with skill. For example:

? !

1, avoid taboo.

later studied carefully observed, found this kind of similar content sites, most of the weight is relatively high, but relatively low weight site, rarely seen in the pages, even if your search term and then match the title and also useless. Of course, this article in low weight site, too lazy to even fall in love with the sea included, ranking is certainly not possible. In other words, we are doing almost nothing.

a, if you want to find articles from the search engine information, please do not use the love to go to Shanghai to search for other, less popular search engine better, as long as you can find relevant information, and if the relevant.

so, how do you want to be a qualified basic pseudo original

1, the original copy and paste: This is strongly not, otherwise will be the love of Shanghai "pack" or "cold"

4, increase the number of ", and, ah, ah, such a word: this pseudo original authors may also talked about their writing skills, such as adding some similar words to enrich the emotion, improve the user experience, actually wrong. Because search engines crawl the content first, to do is to remove the ", and, ah, ah, such a word, because the theme of these words will not affect the expression, he felt something very bored".


2, change, change paragraph: This is the pseudo original authors most love to do, in fact, this approach completely mistaken, because when the search engine in grasping the content, is on the whole, Chinese segmentation technology coupled with the love of Shanghai, you don’t change is to replace paragraph, sentence, also no use.

sometimes feel very puzzled, why not love Shanghai to repeat out? This is not affecting the user experience

3, many articles together: this pseudo original authors is still more diligent, willing to search a few, but unfortunately, I want to tell you that it is useless, because the search engines crawl the web content, and compares their database related content if you do not move the original word together, will never escape the discernment of the love of Shanghai.

himself is engaged in the medical industry of search engine marketing, believe that do the medical industry promotion or edit friends should be very clear, such as infertility, treatment method of random search diseases, love Shanghai search results, point into a look, the contents are basically the same, this shows that you "the world is a big copy.

so, here I want to share a few pseudo original taboo with everybody first:

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