A5, Chinaz why 28tui, Shanghai dragon, random find the latest popular posts, some are as follows:

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third: the title of the party


A5 recently a popular post

why Shanghai Longfeng a recent popular post

The author from

Chinaz and 28tui to find a few hot paste found is not included, here is not a screenshot. First explain the role of popular posts, is actually very simple to collect and flow, we all know that the chain had not been included is no effect. But recently feeling Chinaz Posts included not ideal, A5 and Shanghai dragon why. Such as the topic: what kind of post will be the moderator set to hot paste. The author summarizes the following, for the novice friends should have some help.

: the original

is the title of the party can also fire? The answer is yes, you see the main technology. Some popular post is indeed "title party", but still have a lot of people to reply, because it can cause everyone’s sympathy. Such as the recent love Shanghai algorithm and updated database, April 25th again, to seize the industry hot stuff. A little "speculation" means, but it is a kind of method.

second: share resources

this kind of card are most likely to be the moderator set into the most popular posts, but don’t share those being shared N resources. The chain can share their own resources, or is a good small software. But you will say I don’t have the resources ah, here I can tell you usually pay attention to the accumulation of some resources can be found from other forums. You have found really good, and then share it.

The first kind of

Shanghai dragon friends have to insist on the chain a lot every day, which mainly includes two kinds of chain resources, it is a blog, the forum post replies, certainly can do BBS signature high mass forum, on how to use the forum to do outside the chain, there are many net friends to share their experience and knowledge. Here I will no longer want to talk about how to display slight skill before an expert, I let you post fire today. We see a forum there are a lot of fire, the first case analysis included all those posts.

original article is by the moderator no ground for blame welcome, especially in the forum. Most people are irrigation, the chain. What is the original small, pseudo original is a lot. But the original post also depends on the quality, if it is obvious soft wen. It is not most people are willing to look carefully. In the forum, the high weight forum is most at ordinary times you post. It is best to share practical experience.

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