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, so, if you are a web site optimization, whether you’re just contact Shanghai Longfeng, or is in the Shanghai dragon is a veteran in battle field, to learn something from the body of the Shanghai dragon er. At this time, you need to have a keen insight, be good at finding the advantages of others, and make up for their lack of this aspect. Because of the unique things that each of us has its own can not have, so if we can have this technology, tend to be more useful than the Shanghai dragon theory to understand.

here, you may feel hear foggy, cloudy. Well, let the author focus on details, on the Shanghai dragon to SEM transformation. We often see some Shanghai dragon Er talk about SEM, which allows us to see these things when the novice is approximate hazy. But in fact, these things is the theory foundation of Shanghai Longfeng, no successful Shanghai dragon, where is SEM

do Shanghai Longfeng longer, the more you will fall into a misunderstanding. That is more and more convinced that their own considerable strength with opponents, always learning from these people, their knowledge to expand constantly. We don’t think it a well-known expert every day in his study, in fact, for them, they can become a learning example, closely related with itself at learn.

in my eyes the real Shanghai dragon master, not only every day and dealing with a search engine, the most important is that the Shanghai dragon Er were able to learn every day, every hour and moment of learning, can learn the useful knowledge in any place any Shanghai dragon body er. So, to become a real website optimization master, must take every Er Shanghai dragon as your example.


generally speaking, as long as your optimization technology to a certain level, every day will focus on some of the more high-end products. Generally speaking, these products are higher than the Shanghai dragon, also is we often say SEM. One might argue that the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon is SEM, but we have missed the point, that is our initial motivation is Shanghai dragon, SEM is a target, but ignore the SEM over the pursuit of Shanghai dragon people tend to lose in Shanghai dragon on.

in this world there is no real Shanghai dragon master, believe in each Shanghai dragon er’s eyes have different answers. But the answer is, to optimize the master absolute world does not exist, because the search engine algorithm is constantly changing, so not only to master the core technology, but also need to constantly learn and enrich our knowledge.

you might ask, these words with the title "Shanghai dragon on top of each Er are you learn what to contact you. Well, so, I just do a primer, which leads to their Shanghai dragon success, is involved in the following.

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