2 new sites to include on-line, if your content is collected or copied, love Shanghai basically not included, in several sites have been tested;

after repeated study, though it is hard to understand, but I will use the chain domain name on behalf of the company directly cancel, registered a new domain name, can I find a good luck, before the site is PR5 domain name, starting all over again, to start a new round of love for the sea noble included baby. I was really afraid, afraid that Shanghai had a holiday, all the data are lagging behind, the Spring Festival many webmaster said at this time the site revised, not for ranking, if it is like this, that my efforts are not in vain? What sandbox ah, assessment period ah, hear me foggy, but no matter. Anyway, have a holiday, and die. I can be 15 hours a day in front of the computer, check the information asked, one step at a time.

4 the construction of the chain, usually the railway station to find the chain, actually new sites do not need too much outside the chain, several news sources hireign love blog site, such as DoNews blog, iResearch blog, Sina blog, blog, blog and other NetEase search alone, publish your original articles with links that can be; you are too lazy do not want to build a blog, with your original articles casually take links to high weight webmaster forum, or forums you comply with the relevant original soft, not car soft to the fashion trend is good, not effect, but the effect will be poor, included time longer. Or send some exchange links with post links to

;The network structure of After

5 is reasonable, if the use of common CMS station, the default setting is good; the URL, TETLE and keyword set is not changed, just change the trouble; if you can do the above points, Shanghai did not love not included reasons, but usually included in 15 days so, have been tested in nearly 20 new sites; if it is not included, the investigation of your space domain name and content problems.

love Shanghai included new site, not what skills are relatively common methods, we usually don’t pay attention.

Some rules of

finished, began at the beginning of each go lo, love good, Shanghai is the second of my article, noble baby two days had been included, after a little problem with WWW suddenly in the noble baby disappeared, no, I began to panic, whether it is K, or drop right? Without www did not appear in any situation. Because before the chain website is on behalf of the noble baby one day included.

The following is a reference of the article:

3 new sites to include on-line before a day to ensure the best original content, even if false original or not too much, a good, adhere to the 10 days;

1 new sites to include on-line of the general situation in about 15 days, must need some external links to drive, don’t do the chain exception;

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