recall the recent site is unusual problems, such as a web site keywords ranking suddenly jumped? Site than usual doubled several times. Open the web site if there is Carlton, or open the problem of failure? Or: recent articles have not been included, a lot of precursory site is down right have this problem, but has not attracted enough attention.

If the ? website of their own problems

is a very simple example, some types of platform site, even if not to collect, every day there are thousands of information release, this point is often directly through, rather than after the audit, but the question is:

: abnormal

"US orange Internet K station door" must have many webmaster remember, the reason is: Technology of us orange Internet mistake, cause love Shanghai spiders cannot crawl the site, and then lead to a large number of Web site is K off.

last week, red orange blog to share an article "site is down right? Wrong way let you tears!", emphatically said some webmaster emergency right down, but the wrong way. After writing this article, there are several webmaster to my blog about some solutions, today this article details on some: if you’re familiar with Shanghai Longfeng, so how to quickly locate the wrong site, and get rid of

service problems If

or are there such as your DNS server, or the temporary use of the three level domain name to do the adjustment, or accidental maintenance. Because of the delay and other issues, are likely to your website. You can look at IDC’s recent announcement, it made some adjustments, and the webmaster circle, whether there is a common problem on site service providers.

of course, relatively large service providers rarely appear is not responsible for this type of problem, other small service providers is not to say, even some people buy the host are other people in the house stand up, the


for example, the above screenshot is a look at "Miss", the sea love really can not know.


is the brush a few days to flow down the right site, IP it is recommended that some of the other side of the shield, the feedback has logged love Shanghai Webmaster Platform problem.

and if found the problem, then to find out the corresponding solution: if you have a server problem, then login love Shanghai Webmaster Platform capture abnormal look at whether there is a server error problem.

effect can be the same?

website has suddenly increased more than N, then check the recent additions which included, these included is included the value, or increased the amount included is not necessary, this included usually need to do is continue to capture the ban.



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