now finally know their site is how to be love Shanghai to drop right processing, since things have happened, to find a solution. So I put the first website in title "website" two words immediately removed, secondly, customer service solution called the company quickly contact the customer, customer call love Shanghai for official certification, look like this can restore ranking. The author here to remind the webmaster friends, look at the hands of those sites is not the official website contains two words, if any, get rid of, so as not to suffer right down to deal with love in Shanghai, if not timely treatment, when the site is down right to love Shanghai with it too late for regrets.


I think my site is not because of "official" containing two words and loved Shanghai to drop right


article by Shenzhen science and technology limited company (贵族宝贝tuokuan贵族宝贝.cn) to broaden the extension of Shanghai dragon engineer Koga original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you


so this morning I came early to the company, opened the computer immediately before opening is right down the site, right click to view the source file, do not view the source file also really do not know how your site is down right after processing, view the source file just because the site site is Title The Official website contains two words of love was right down to Shanghai. See below:

yesterday evening finished his meal, idle on the A5 network owners to see some articles here, by the way, I but the ultimate fan A5 webmaster Oh! In the search column I saw A5 marketing Huang Zhong wrote an article "A5" marketing reminder: recent fall in love with the sea of information with the official website "site drop right" "article, said Shanghai will love the information on the website with the" official "to deweight. See this article, I think a site operation in the hands of their love in November 22nd in Shanghai in Shanghai to update the love down the right, now in love with sea weight from 1 before to 0 now, and the home keywords ranking all in 100 outside. See below:


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