" in 2, Shantou Shanghai dragon insufficient to satisfy users, search the word user to find Shantou Shanghai or Shantou Shanghai dragon dragon blog optimization, these two words are the needs of most users.

when we decided to do a site, the first step is the analysis of user needs, of course most of Shanghai dragon Er to take this one step further into the keyword analysis, in fact, is different, the needs of exploration for the entire layout of the site and the later development will play a fundamental role. Here the old Ding about how the user demand analysis using reverse thinking.

after these years of development, Shanghai dragon this technology has reached a certain height, from the previous chain content to today’s thinking determine victory, so that their master to meet customer needs is the key of optimization. What is what the user needs? It is not spread outside so difficult, it is a kind of data expression based on user search behavior.


here old Ding take a simple example, such as Shantou Shanghai dragon of the word, its search users why? In fact, as long as Shanghai area dragon people know, true want to find the optimization of customer is relatively small, the majority of competitors, and these people generally have such a the idea is to do the word Shantou Shanghai dragon at the same time, the Shantou Shanghai, Shantou Shanghai dragon dragon blog optimization, Shantou website optimization these words to make up. This also caused them to have a common search habits, that is Shantou Shanghai Longfeng also search Shantou Shanghai dragon blog and Shantou Shanghai dragon optimization words, perhaps in the analysis of competitors, may also check their websites through search. But no matter what the cause is, these search behavior were recorded by love Shanghai.

3, if a web page at the same time with the Shantou Shanghai, Shantou Shanghai Longfeng Longfeng blog, Shantou Shanghai dragon optimization, then it saves two of search users to better user experience?


as a search engine, we all know that Shanghai is the core principle of love for customer service, so when such a data appeared, love Shanghai will produce what kind of Lenovo

user needs

the user requirement, it is actually a kind of data reflect the user search behavior based on vulgar point, the user is actually in search of what users want to search what user >


we can search the love sea, you can see a lot of area of Shanghai Longfeng the ranking website title with a blog, website ranking optimization, and other words, this is the user needs a meet.

The word "

1, in addition to the user demand for Shantou Shanghai dragon of Shantou Shanghai and Shantou Shanghai dragon blog dragon optimization the two words are interested.

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