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is a Shanghai dragon Er, website optimization is a very important link, when the number of pages of a web site reaches a certain magnitude, to adhere to the flat site is particularly difficult, most of the time only through the accumulation of page classification, channel and paging to keep the page to have a single entrance is a spider crawling to the station, but due to limited resources, especially for personal webmaster, tried various ways to increase the number of each page recommendation in the station system, also is the weight voting station page used to enhance the target page, increase the index rate, but often cause page bloated, decline in the quality, affect the user experience of reading, the same is not recognized by search engines. This time we came up with the concept of a tab, if you have used WordPress, phpcms, dedecms and other open source website program, you will find the program integration or some plug-in introduced labels such a function, he can put the massive details page by correlation together, realize the maximization of the flat structure of the site.

label station layout



1, by extension word tools (such as Jinhua, Shanghai Webmaster Tools love keyword recommended tools and 5118 tools) industry keywords to get users to search keywords, because the Internet has access to shared resources is based on these keywords to index, so as to solve the user the ultimate appeal of the resources, to get these words keywords by grouping tools (such as keyword grouping tools developed by Python or the light of the data processing in accordance with the classification of small plug-in) frequency, the final classification of these tags is that you have to get the key words;

1, the bottom plate to add tags, but the limit of the number of not more than 5, the transfer of relevance with the descending order;

2, the system to increase the automatic extraction of labels, mainly according to the certain keywords appear to be generated by the process must increase audit labels, for reasons mentioned in the note which will follow.


this article "lost little reptile" put on the label the use of experience to sort out all, mainly focus on how to select the label, the label should be how to deploy and use the label will reasonable process in some matters needing attention to share.

3, artificially increase the Keywords tag, if you use your blog or know when will let you add tag option box, although the efficiency is relatively low, but is often more effective, can not generate a lot of repetitive pages or empty page, to the site of manufacturing garbage, GM has used the WordPress webmaster friends that will find each article the author add some tags, a number of restrictions, for the 3 or 5.

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