the first chapter before we have from the case that method into the chain in question in the case at the same time that add website name tags or keywords. This is the easiest way to ask questions we can not directly use the website keywords question, why? Because when we promote a new product or new website administrator is not cognitive, so you use the website keywords direct questioning administrator will know that you are in the promotion, we do not do the promotion all too obvious. We are doing in order to deceive users, because users can analysis to the poor, so the customer money we do, as long as the idiot believe, we can achieve the purpose of the. So first from other keywords or news related keywords to question not to allow some administrators difficult, do not let some primary administrators know is promotion on the line.

ask question why does not directly use the website or product


had these problems is in the back of the article, in order to make the network promotion or new Adsense can not in the wrong down and write out in advance, we often see someone with a URL Title questions directly, this behavior is not good, do not say anything else we usually say beautiful, you straight in. He looked at the title question is not comfortable, even friends, do network promotion of Shanghai Longfeng optimization or consider the user experience, even if it is to ask each paragraph clear, clear, so that people feel very professional. To the search engine, which is high quality question, the search engine is a kind of friendly. Do not use viral promotion, so you will die early.


if an account in question is not answering the question whether it is the official or trust on the Internet users will decline, so we also need to take account of each answer a few questions, answer the questions while promoting the website or product brand, for example, where someone asked Shanghai Longfeng optimization learning, you can answer: Hello, Shanghai, many are self-taught, said some case study and suggestions in answer, add the recommend that you take a look at why in Shanghai Longfeng article, or go to the site to see Shanghai Longfeng Hall of fame. In order to achieve the degree of trust in the online.

for network promotion before I wrote "love Shanghai search keywords ranking seven secrets" many of my friends know the quiz promotion, but do not know where to start, a QQ friend in my share of love when I saw the Shanghai encyclopedia written, so he asked me did you write this? I answer that is, through the communication with him, I know that they don’t know that I QQ, read the article can only wait, so in a few days ago I was in the blog on QQ, so every day there are so few people with my QQ, so after their problems, He Kuzong today write a network promotion tips for the extension of the first chapter seven questions. Nonsense not say, direct access to the theme.

proper answer questions raise influence

some questions need to pay attention to the promotion and method

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