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, for example, if your goal is to sales increased by 15%, then you are willing to under estimate how many capital, look at the money drop down on your budget and marketing plans for what. In general, the larger the target, the target price to pay is more expensive.

hunting cloud network reported in October 12th (compiled: Jasmine

You have two choices: one is to hire

in the Shanghai dragon and the marketing target, you need to hire someone to help you complete the Shanghai dragon, this link is very important! You don’t make the best choice, but to each choice are seriously considering again, calculate each choice cost.

Shanghai dragon

(search engine optimization) is a very popular network marketing strategies to improve brand awareness, establish targeted traffic, optimize your company in Google, YAHOO, Bing and other search engines search results, for those interested in expanding the scale of the product or service companies Shanghai dragon is an inspired passage.

but it will be very expensive, a professional level of Shanghai Longfeng burned 100 thousand dollars isn’t surprising. In addition, you need to hire a team often, instead of putting all the tasks in a pressure >

before signing the contract, consider carefully and write down what you wish for you to complete the Shanghai dragon strategy. Should pay attention to the feasibility of this goal, this will help you decide on how much investment in Shanghai Longfeng budget is more appropriate.

the success of the Shanghai dragon, is obviously good, but a strategy will cost Shanghai dragon and produce large differences due to company goals and implementation strategies of different types. No matter how to complete the budget, Shanghai Longfeng cost should be regarded as an investment, regardless of any investment, you should be concerned about how to get the best ROI (return on investment).

hired a Shanghai Longfeng experts or teams, two professional institutions is contracted to Shanghai dragon. Here are some matters needing attention. Internal recruitment: formal recruiting a dragon expert or team Shanghai, due to the cost of training, early will burn. But if your company is large, or the long-term needs of Shanghai dragon, so from a long-term perspective, this is a good choice. When you find the ideal candidate, should pay attention to their knowledge and skills is not enough, you can refer to the following: the specific link creation ability, professional knowledge, Shanghai Longfeng content marketing level, social media technology and analysis ability.

editor’s note: entrepreneur knows, Shanghai Longfeng scheme can give enterprises the icing on the cake, conversely, can also let the enterprises fall into the trough. So the question is: as a business, how to choose the most suitable scheme of Shanghai Longfeng own? I hope this paper can give you the answer.

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