two: BBS signature chain should not overdo sth.

station chain sprocket group group chain errors !

for the website forum outside the chain, the weight is now more and more low, at this point, I have a deep understanding of the original thought, got his own signature in many forums, to bring your own web site outside the chain of good, unexpectedly, these signatures are some nofollow commands the signature, so a little weight are not, then gradually gave up the construction of the chain method, even against top are rare, but I passed some poster form, add some posts in the water inside the column to obtain the weight, the chain transfer point, is also a small harvest! Talk about BBS signature on the website of Shanghai Dragon optimization in the magical


as the current game website, the importance of the construction of the chain is self-evident, especially through the game site keywords ranking, get a lot of traffic to get profit profit model, the construction of the chain basically is the core content of the website operation, so a lot of game owners have been trying to build the chain use of various resources in the hands of the site, in fact the legend of the world site outside the chain construction method, there are many risks, that is to say, these methods, if used improperly, it is easy to cause the failure of the construction of the chain, the author will combine their legendary game website a simple analysis of


this way also has very big risk, especially for some think master stations are concerned, think outside the chain of weights for the legendary site transfer can bring good effect, because this effect can transfer weight greatly, quickly let the target station.

before I love the chain to release the legendary game through the soft Wen, because is released to some portal game channel, so it can get a good reprint, but later found some reproduced website quality is too poor, even could be classified into the category of spam sites, the quality level caused by the web site of the chain is not neat, I finally began to sum up those portals reproduced some high quality web sites often go, after appropriate screening, to the quality of their site outside the chain has been a qualitative improvement of



this is one of the very serious misunderstanding, for some webmaster, even is the lesson of blood, although the chain game site that in a short time to get high increase, but this increase undoubtedly there is a huge risk, once they are found in the search engine, you will put your site in limbo, even by the K the author, when operating the legendary site, but fortunately no such long-term work, after a day, and then immediately stop the chain of mass, but it cost me a point of purchase group chain software of silver, but relatively speaking, this is considered a lucky

: a soft outside the chain should be careful to

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