1, the promotion of key wordsKeywords


3, Links website construction

2, Title

the Internet there is a saying, "content is king, outside >

programming skills website title


my Title is so set the "best B2C website, the best shopping site navigation". When a user searches for "the B2C electronic commerce website", because the Title does not contain "the four words of electronic commerce, so it is more difficult to rank. While a user searches when shopping website ", although this word is not complete, but the" shopping site navigation "contains" the shopping website "," B2C website "contains" Encyclopedia ", the 6 words have appeared, it is easy to optimize ranking.

to search my love Shanghai keyword ranking, found ranked before the basic Title containing all the keywords, and the word "night shopping website" coming flow, I feel very surprised, because I didn’t optimize the word, the love of Shanghai my website ranking in the second page, but it is the second day of the ranking is not, and I made a little surprise.

I often use

program is developed, because online ready-made code are not very satisfied with their modifications are easier, easy to adjust. But it is well known that the navigation station optimization is very difficult. The following is my experience of the site, the choice of keywords love Shanghai and Google are ranked in the home front.

hot ranking is not easy to go up, even if the cold keywords ranking do go up, from search engine traffic rarely. So, to choose appropriate keywords, and related to the content of the site itself, the Shanghai index can make full use of love. I love Shanghai is through the index, to determine the "B2C website" the keywords, moderate heat, with the content of my website and domain name are combined better, but the key point is not good, is slowly found in the optimization process of 1 months in the following, then said.

Title is an important index to search engine, search engine and intelligent after all is just a program, it needs website provides some key parameters as weight reference, Title inside the words you want to include as much as possible promotion keywords. When using the Shanghai love search, you can find love in Shanghai will bring you search keywords marked as red, while the ranking website basically contains all the search keywords.

engaged in the development of the site for more than 3 years, recently began to try to operate their own website. Because of the development in B2C’s sake, so the initiation of a B2C site navigation idea was also registered by a good domain name domain name, personal feeling is good, just do the B2C shopping site.

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