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: ALT is used to describe the image on the page, the cursor in the image on the display when the prompt is used the label. Effect: from Shanghai dragon and user experience instead of ALT- attribute is necessary, its importance are: the relevance of web content is the premise of keyword optimization, search engine, web page pictures should be associated with the theme of ". Conversely, when the search engine to determine the "key words, pictures instead of ALT- attribute is a trusted reference point. So, don’t forget to replace the attribute in the picture of ALT-. This is the interpretation of the ALT love Shanghai encyclopedia, it shows the importance of alt. But the ALT text added is very skillful, such as our picture is a product of the valve in case diagram, this example can represent the electric ball valve can represent the pneumatic ball valve. Let us not only to alt=", we can " ball valve; this is alt=" ball valve, electric valve, pneumatic ball valve ". The same page optimization, add two keywords, increase the core keyword density. So on this picture that will be most fully. Greatly enhance the image search, to search probability. So everyone in the network promotion by station group software or skycc combination marketing software, if there are pictures, please be sure to check on the add to the picture title for its ALT this option.


1, ALT or

optimization, are based on the text. The optimization of the picture in addition to add to the picture of a alt, don’t optimize the place? I have been fortunate in an industry website practitioners. Through the statistics, found that the source of love Shanghai. Traffic is also a important point. Personal summary, pictures can also do optimization.

We always said

what is the picture? Is that a lot of people here, love pictures of products play a watermark, personally think that this is completely unnecessary. Because your content can be easily copied and reproduced, others can’t find this picture you like the pictures? There is a reason that we do this, many products like products, he may not have the picture, he needs to find a picture from the network, but he is not required to have the watermark. This time, if we do not have watermark, he might use this picture. Of course, this is the picture that condone piracy. We need to understand that there is such a picture, which can flow, can also let colleagues can see us, maybe the next time a peer order, of which he was when he found the shortage of supply, we find the source, this is the flow of the potential value. Of course, this argument is very far fetched. But if there are 100 or 1000 such traffic to our site to save pictures, our brand is not a free.

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