users in the search for the information you want, then through the search engine to find, want, out of the site. But when the user clicks on the website, found that the site has been open even for a long time, the user will close the site, to enter the other sites to find information. Because if the site open speed problem, lead to the loss of users, at least that this website is not qualified. How to make your web page loading speed, we should analyze from the following aspects.

small view the site open unusually slow, carefully look, found the website picture is too large, some even more than 1M. The reason is that web designers no compression or lower resolution in the picture selection, it is easy to be dragged down the server. There is, in order to make the site do good, with JS and flash, which are caused by the slow speed of loading.


small is odd cloud to test website speed, open the odd cloud website, enter the desired test site. This is to "speed. We can see from the chart for each province, as well as monitoring points, ISP and IP analysis, attribution, HTTP status, total time, desorption time, connection time, download time, download size, file size and download speed etc.. Through the diagnosis we can see the website open speed in different regions. If we find in most below sites are displayed in red, this is our website is likely to server problems. This is a small part of the site administrator for advice to other servers. If shown, small site test data

How to detect

encountered website open speed slow, the first to speed your check, open a web page is equivalent to download a HTML file, if the local speed slow, open speed will slow down, this is the case, a view of their speed, two is through a number of friends to help you see if they open. Because of their slow speed.

, a web page is generally calculated in accordance with the K, 1K=1024 bytes. Check whether the site page is too large, it may lead to more than M page page loading speed drop. Want to know the specific site size, specific size can view the page through the webmaster tools home. You can enable page compression, also it can help to improve the page loading speed.

we are in the process of optimization is the same, the speed of opening of our website how to often check, keep the site in a normal open. Because of the loss caused by the loss, the user is in the course of time for our great harm, and become more and more low website user experience will affect website ranking. In the search engine algorithm, website open speed and user experience to a great extent determine your website ranking, so we should optimize the open web pages, which >

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