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I recently read the news, find the competition in the industry is also not increase, electronic commerce, decoration industry portal and so on, these industries have entered the winter. However, the popularity of Shanghai dragon industry also makes the industry entered the fierce. How can we open up a new road in such a predicament, then we need innovative thinking. How to innovate next I have to give you a brief talk about:

first website innovation

said here means that we often talk about the promotion, Shanghai dragon style. In today’s Internet promotion has many, but we are in the process of implementation are also invariably apply then apply. We know nothing more than mail promotion, QQ group promotion etc.. What is the result? It is in the mailbox, we usually don’t look directly deleted, QQ group advertising we do not click directly from the group kicked out.

that do more even if I don’t use. Now, QQ mass mailing software software fees, resulting in the waste of money and everyone on this brand of trouble. How can we break this bottleneck? I am I and everyone else are also in the exploration of technique innovation. I thought a bit do not know if the innovation is done, Shanghai Longfeng people should exchange Links, general exchange Links is through the trading platform, or submit Links in good website application, but such a successful website >

development of the Internet industry in the Internet company, I think it is everywhere. To Sina, love Shanghai, Tencent; small network website studio. Create a network of the company are not what difficult thing. Especially the Bao website construction. Can be said that as long as a little program can the construction site. Even if you don’t understand nothing, you can download some of this source code on the Internet, change to the space inside a domain binding site could be on the line.

The second technique innovation in

website also appeared more trouble, because the site is now not what fits the sense of innovation, resulting in a site that is more successful but few. But how in this environment to take the victory, then we need to innovate their own website, and not the same as others, is the ultimate goal, of course, do not make the same website and not your website. But the site should have a high degree of customer experience, let others into the site such as entering the new experience environment. As Shanghai dragon Wang Tong’s website, when you go after very eye-catching points: marketing planning. Let be clear to you, and not your browsing day but do not know what the site is about. I think his website is to give us a good creative thinking tips. I also hope that we in the construction site of the time to achieve this effect, even the idea of innovation better than his website.


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