on the other hand also improved the graphic click rate to bring better returns to the webmaster. Therefore, there are many owners through a variety of ways to test or in the "Lee on line" in question, careful friends will find in the activities have also been answered. Here with you clear about the need to emphasize a point is: don’t hope webmaster for text and try to do with the map, must according to their own content as well as the user’s reading and use to optimize the scene, in the right circumstances.


3, must be closely related to the content of a page, if there is cheating or bad low quality images, will have the relevant handling mechanism:

the last two months will find some search results before adding pictures in Shanghai love search, apparently in some scenes that show in the form of enhanced user experience: intuitive picture retrieval is better than text, the user can through reading will determine the page theme in the shortest time, and then quickly enter the content details page.

A5 station network January 18th news, the recent Shanghai love in the search results before the new added thumbnail display, compared with the pure text search results in the visual experience better. The last day of Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee to publish the article in the webmaster to love students, Shanghai search results add thumbnail display are introduced, and how to optimize the webmaster to do a simple analysis.

A, B, shielding drawing; reducing station URL ranking; C, which will be affected by the

station Original:

1, at present the webmaster will need only pictures on the page in the main content, Shanghai will love the corresponding image recognition and scene recognition, follow-up will provide protocol specification;



2, the size of the picture as close as possible to the 121:75;


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