when a search page appears mostly inside pages, so that this keyword is the degree of competition is very small, as is usually the case search is generally the website home page, if the search keywords appear in the web page page you use the keywords home website is very small, so if these keywords such as the index, you can also try to do some

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search keywords can select the top site analysis, such as judge collected, the other of the chain, and the structure of the site, page layout, content quality and so on to judge, but this is not enough, if you want to have a good row.


intitle instructions to return is the title page contains keywords, so use this command can accurately know how many websites use the title keywords, in order to analyze the competition of


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in the choice of keywords, the webmaster first thought should be popular keywords, although popular keywords can bring higher flow, but also need to determine the keywords competition degree and the difficulty of optimization and so on, because this can make you choose the most appropriate key words, then you know how to analysis the degree of competition in

auction website

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in Shanghai love to search keywords, the total number of pages will appear related pages, which is the key of all competition page. When the number is less than one hundred thousand when the keywords competition degree is very small, as long as careful do can have good rankings, but the relevant page once millions, it shows that the keywords have a certain degree of difficulty, the optimization of the keywords must take the station optimization and stood outside optimization are good, if it is related to millions of pages, it that competition has great difficulty, and this is the time to regularly update the website internal content and good internal links and external links, if the relevant page has hundreds of millions, so you don’t have to consider this key word, because the keywords competition degree has been very large, personal webmaster have such keyword ranking optimization is likely very small, so the webmaster choose keywords to choose the relevant page is not high, and have relevant keywords and site index .


intitle instruction

is for number one keyword can directly reflect the degree of competition, because of the keyword bidding is of very high value, if little or no bidding keywords that the keywords competition is not big, if more than one auction shows that the degree of competition has a general, if there are three or more competitive the degree is very much, because the user search generally just click on the top of the site, so the top than other auction site traffic many

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