now, Google understands that the most relevant search results is the most important. The effect of this upgrade is obviously, Google said that this upgrade will affect 35% Internet search results.

"freshness upgrade" is another expansion after the upgrade algorithm Google released last year of caffeine. The results of this index can help Google faster entry, which means that the level of real time search results will be higher. This year, Google had a panda upgrade, the upgrade reduces the "content farms (Content Farm)" ranking of these critics say after Shanghai Longfeng web site optimization reduces the quality of Google search.

2. external links to related web pages related to the theme, and related content, mainly related to. This is a point has been stressed, but very few people really do, popular talk is to say what the place to release what. And you leave a link where a lot of people are concerned about this piece, so that the user’s self heating and.

1. station to strengthen the release and update of industry news, news, attention to the user experience. Pay attention to hot industry, grasp the real-time news, this is mainly to do the dumpster English Shanghai dragon, for such sites, should have a good English editorial team, maybe one of you, the news came home in the noble baby hot news, it will win a lot of users love at the same time. Can also increase the weight of your web site, with the site keywords ranking.


in front of the content is part of translation of TechCrunch reports, so why should we say that great nobility baby adjustment? Cause I think it is in order to strengthen the real-time search ability of society, will be a further blow Shanghai Longfeng optimization over the site with social networking sites such as Facebook competition, a major upgrade algorithm noble baby so, for our Shanghai dragon, especially English Shanghai dragon how to change? Think:

, the new algorithm can clearly know the different search results for the fresh degree requirements are different, the new algorithm will show different results according to the different needs of the fresh degree. For example, when searching the most popular recipes, though it may be released a few years ago is still fresh, but will be very popular, all have very good ranking. The search on the iPhone 4S’s latest comments, the latest results will be obtained, followed by the previously released information.

According to Google

algorithm is upgraded before the "caffeine" further escalation of the above algorithm, in order to provide more immediate and relevant search results, including recent events, hot topics, fresh comments and unexpected events.

technology blog TechCrunch reported yesterday, Google announced the upgrade of the search algorithm, allegedly this upgrade will affect 35% of the search results.

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