if your website users are part of the attraction, but this part of the user to open the find site open, this is what allows users to feel, if I is a user, then I will immediately turn off your site, go to visit other sites, so all links in our should be checked every day, as long as the discovery of a dead link and immediately dispose of it, Adsense remember one sentence: all links to open is not only to ensure that the interests of users.

is the real content of site based, improve the readability of the content is the key to

since June began to love Shanghai K station K station now, the storm actually has not been interrupted, today just returned home to open the computer to meet peers said that the site was K, then I use the search engine to search the website of love Shanghai, found that this site is K clean, see figure

analysis, I found this website draw further apart to enhance the user experience of these problems with the love of Shanghai has always advocated, such sites can be said to be built on the basis of not respecting the user experience website, how such sites are not K what kind of website is K? So I gave counterparts a few suggestions, if your site is K or drop right, then take a look at these my advice, I believe it will have more help on your website.

ensure that links can be opened, which is the basic part of

no matter what kind of website we are to allow users to get the readability of the content on the site, the site in front of the content I see for a long time have not seen a so good, and the site really have, then it should be the content and site theme related with knowledge such as Admin5 and Chinaz webmaster most familiar with these two sites, their readability from news + knowledge, this is the two most critical content to help these two sites have many webmaster support, I am also an admirer of A5, some news articles every day I will spend a lot of time to read the A5, you can think of it, if the A5 does not provide these articles, I will go to the site? So the real content is the site foundation, provides the content and readability is The key part of the website.

Through a

colleague asked me to help him analyze the reasons, so I through Shanghai Longfeng query tool chain, query and analysis tools, web pages are four aspects: one is the content of the website is all disorder, do not know what are the contents filled in the site of two links; itself is not much, there is a dead link; three site has several derived Links, while the other site does not have the corresponding reverse chain; four is the site of the bounce rate is too high, the bounce rate of eighty percent, when I fall in love with the sea to open his website statistics are shocked.

to retain users

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