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love Shanghai has been in the domestic has the largest voice. As the most used search engine, we do the promotion work in Shanghai love is more important to touch familiar love Shanghai habits. See if it is favorable and seeing how to publicity, the promotion work can be carried out. Otherwise, no work can only be a waste of time and no gain. Love Shanghai are usually given higher weights of their products, it will give us a tip is very important information, we make full use of space, love Shanghai, Post Bar, know love Shanghai encyclopedia, yes some resources such as when doing promotional work, let love Shanghai not picky.

website of the quality of the chain, which are to be in our network promotion personnel have been summarized in the work and practice. Do the real promotion of perseverance, who can persevere, who can have the last laugh.

visibility Forum The implementation of

network promotion master love most is the weight and the PR value is high site, this site can make promotion work easier. The chain increase as one of the most effective and most direct way to get a lot of weight and the PR value of the site even novice webmaster’s favor. However, the chain promotion may have little experience, but how to ensure that you put on the high quality of the chain, this is not an easy thing. A summary on the methods of high quality the chain several points worth using, and novice webmaster to share,

platform suitable.


respect love Shanghai love strong, make full use of Shanghai resources


, as a kind of effective method of persuasion, the promotion means is the chain on. We usually divided into the soft, original, pseudo original. The soft release of the requirements of the station will be higher, not only requires you to put advertising information into account, but not too obvious trace, so this is a test of strength. Let the reader look after the resonance, so as to bring a lot of attention and reproduced, so as to increase the site outside the chain of high quality, the website weight will continue to improve.

we know on the outside of the chain when there may be many methods, but a more effective way is to put yourself in the BBS post information. However, we put on the premise that you choose the forum must be reliability, but also is able to actually get the effect. We can not because of the popularization and promotion in the process of doing network promotion, mass without the purpose of using information can’t get a good return. Choose some good publicity, high weight forum is the first step on the outside of the chain. Of course, not all forum immediately can get effect, initial account level of accumulation, post, the top post, comment, participate in activities such as we are active forum for the chain on the foundation must work. Ready to do a good job, we can be more objective to do the chain extension.

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