10, don’t put the link in the Javascript reservoir.

16, URL structure to be simple and clear, it is possible to have keywords.

15, whether internal or external link link link, should consider the correlation.

4, the appropriate use of < h1> to understand clearly the content of the page.

11, should consider the reader’s environment, let old computers can be smoothly browsing web content.

Bing in Shanghai Guidelines in the Shanghai dragon dragon search engine optimization is divided into several categories, but some items are actually cross project, so we will not put it to the project, with a column:

most of the time, we are to love Shanghai and noble baby as a search engine optimization object, according to a blog " Bing official Bing Webmaster; Guidelines", we can know whether it is for what kind of search engine, more than 90% of the Shanghai dragon optimization process is the same, and the rest the 10% is the search engine is just the love which reference website resources.

7, there should be a convenient share share button on your page, so that readers can share content.

2, meta description> page < description should be clear and relevant.

9, there must be a suitable structure for browsing, search engines crawl smoothly.

12, the results should make URL simple, do not have a lot of unnecessary parameters.

1, page < title> the title should be clear and relevant.

14, use Bing administrator tools to set the crawl related parameters, and negligible URL parameters.

3, < alt> picture; should description of drawings, in order to know the document what is

6, carefully out of the connecting link, because the connection to other sites, you said for the site’s trust, even the number of external links should be reasonable.

8, XML to Sitemap, and to maintain the latest data and correct.

13, should use the correct path to robots.txt, declared sitemap, and verify that the Bingbot (Bing capture program) can successfully grab your web content.

5, the internal links should connect to the relevant page, and should help the reader can easily browse the relevant page.

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