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for the novice friends, you see every day many articles on the Internet, if we repeat the most is this sentence? Shanghai, the most important thing is the mentality, the original and I like you, don’t go to the search engine rankings, the algorithm changes as a result of fine-tuning, key words ranking fluctuations, will make people nervous nervous, that around the post, "my website how?" "how my ranking dropped?" please don’t worry, there is no special memories before operation, such as site structure adjustment, the chain increased.

2012, a new blog, a new chapter, conversion from Zbog to WordPress, I spent a few days time, after all, the PHP and database technology is not very good, but in the "Valley brother" and "Baidu" under the help of the basic fix. Next may face Baidu right down. Since half a year ago I wrote an article "Shanghai Phoenix on the road, he moves, self reflection", blog has been stopped more, today, the snapshot has been updated, indicating that the original links work is in place, thanks to the operation of a blog "Shanghai dragon sprocket sprocket is how to make" well, long winded, said no more words from the beginning, before the Spring Festival, in order to improve the quality of the blog, try not to write a personal life log, but also hidden before and not related to Shanghai dragon mood article, this article mainly want to share me into the Shanghai dragon industry for Sixth years, for some of my past experience Shanghai dragon and some views and so on, I hope to help friends Shanghai dragon, also has a guide to Shanghai dragon new friends


for the past few years Shanghai, the development of the industry, in which the body more, see more, of course, also accumulated more, society is a society, after all, people want a better life, if not illegal, no matter what you do, is to "interest", this is the essence of society. I never said he was Shanghai Longfeng expert, because I always remember Shanghai dragon WHY have a friend said "self Shanghai Longfeng are rookie, beginning may not, as time goes on, the more you will find their own shortcomings, non majors in college, not proficient in the technology, is the study of the surface non bottom technology and so on. Even if your past experience in the "real face" is not worth mentioning. Before the attention too small in Europe, I really admire him, at least know, don’t know how to write things? For the Internet, for the industry of Shanghai dragon and network marketing extension, need more people like him, this is to help industry standardization, to promote the healthy development of the industry although, a small part of the people’s power is limited. As for some "brick house", for their own interests, the pollution in this industry, ask yourself, in a lot of money at the same time, whether should return the industry to pay more for some?? of course, this is not an article I can wake up the conscience "". Well, that too much, the article is too long to avoid the tired, the following is a summary of some personal experience.

, Shanghai dragon mentality

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