two, Links website

I rarely do so Links, on the site of the Links is only two, while the two links in the website, a website of the weight of a serious decline, first of its website was reduced from three hundred and thirty-two to fifteen, followed by the love of Shanghai as fast slower than normal for a week. There is such a friendship site, do not worry about the keyword

before the web site server vulnerabilities, website hackers linked to the black links, although the server after the bug fixes, but the problem is still not resolved, plus the server expires immediately, was forced to replace the server. The replacement of the server, the site also will replace IP, IP changes after falling in love with the sea there will be a review period, the review period rankings may be unstable.

three, the search engine algorithm

keyword ranking drop is not terrible, terrible is the webmaster do not know how to analyze the reasons, do not know how to find a way to solve the problem, as long as the problem can make keyword ranking recovery. Please note: 贵族宝贝

website keyword ranking fluctuations, in addition to artificial reasons, the search engine algorithm adjustment will also affect the site’s ranking. Recently many web site keyword ranking is not stable, the forum we are talking about the algorithm is not changed, is not the search engine algorithm we can see their adjustment of the same site, they are ranked down, if you are down, it really is the search engine algorithm in.

four, external link loss rate is too high to

, a web server instability

stable and effective external links are of great help to improve the site keywords ranking, I usually do the chain is to go to the forum post, but now many BBS management becomes very strict, usually with links or anchor text posts will be deleted, thus causing the sent to go after the chain has not been search the engine was removed; another chain is to be included in search engines, but has since been removed, search engine second visit becomes invalid link, if a large number of such links will lead to weight loss, and a significant decline in ranking.

is the largest search engine love Shanghai recently adjusted, many site keyword ranking dropped, my website keyword adjustment in the rankings to the outside one hundred. Site keywords ranking decline for many reasons, in order to make keyword ranking will resume as soon as possible, I carefully analyze the reasons, and then we share together.

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