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if you are a person, then you’d better find similar people in link. For example the author is the Shenzhen website design website in Shenzhen that I would have to find relevant web design and related to exchange with the website. The company, such as group of grassroots stood no link. Why, because you have in common with these people. There is a way to contact each other, send e-mail, chat QQ, say hello to each other. Of course, you have to have a certain understanding on his website. If it is competitive with the nature of the site, can exchange the experience. This method is very effective to befriend. Let others feel that you are a friend. Although you are new, others are willing to lend a hand. Personal webmaster have an important aspect is a common experience, we are all from the railway station here, that had a good link to help newcomers to feel proud. When communicating, also can have the feeling, that he had no money, no experience, emotional said.

two, ask questions

four, the trap and

before, not much feeling, is mostly about some facts and points to note what links can not do, how to choose your Links. Here I have some hard points, exchange Links experience for everyone to share:

exchange Links, can improve the rankings, this is for most of the state of mind. However, if you can give me other benefits, such as advertising, such as the exchange of resources between peers, exchange Links is not a bad idea.

three, Dora

station, boring at home every day to go out, look in others, is a talkative honest man. In fact, the site, each.

Also read many of the exchange Links

link is to make friends, webmaster friends, the website can play. The same reason. I have a friend, just to go to the local forum website, find local webmaster, he is Wuhan, looking for is the webmaster in Wuhan. Meet the city people, naturally have a common language, more and more talk, more in the QQ group Lianshu mixed. Wait until you put forward for the link, refused to voice much less.

in the field of network, many of you are not know. Others want to ask each other, is the best way of communication. If it is to develop Links, you may wish to consult how others are doing, let them give you some advice, you may exchange with someone who gave you advice.

if you do not want to change home page, the inside pages, also can, not too direct, don’t say it’s interests, can not change, friends also can do ah ~

hometown or city worth mentioning, after all, is to find the common point you have some hobbies, friends can also try, don’t always use you are the webmaster, the more you find in other ways, the effect is extremely good.

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