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think, how many people working in Shanghai Longfeng name turn small companies, many network marketing are planning a confusing scheme. Mail promotion, Post Bar promotion, the promotion of micro-blog, WeChat promotion, well, we are ahead of his time. Most of the time, we wonder: what is the sale, what is MLM, what is marketing, what is fraud. Like money, give somebody a reasonable demand, no crisis is the sales of individual rights. On the other hand, for his money is fraud. In other words, I can’t believe it is the conscience of melatonin medicine, jiaduobao herbal.

March 15th International Consumer Rights Day, for many people, is the most thrilling moment in a year. Funny thing, this day to find out the huge risks of basic necessities, in second days, in the smoke, again. Don’t know is people’s forgetfulness, watch, or the relevant units of "inaction". For our Shanghai dragon industry, there is no so-called 315

2013 CCTV 315 party, apple, people on the list, "8:20 Peter Ho distribution" became popular, who were hacking micro-blog star, Zhou Dasheng gold and false…… I don’t know, these are your eyes or joke, alert, helpless and angry. Our industry, haze events, events, Shanghai tap water "pig" funeral, foreign milk; in our industry, 3Q war, 3B war, 360.

, keywords, long tail keywords or key words, can lead to a lot of traffic. When people are concerned about one thing, you can find the value of it, your cattle. Perhaps, he is in your eyes in young Xiao Wen today through the ancient geography, with interest and experience all will have. Many people are yearning for more people abroad, food safety has been leading too much. When we are under the nineteenth Century at the end of fifty London smog, drinking with the 60s polish "chlorine" tap water, eating fruits and vegetables and grain variable gene. You see, a people hanging tau buy horse "in ten raging like a storm. No wonder the professor said: Chinese in various experiments of the party, has not the earth human gene, is a man of God.

live in such an era, as a webmaster, we have the opportunity to reach more of the unknown world, also have the opportunity to change the traditional world. Really envy those plans can affect people’s sages, sincerely wish those companies behind the real warrior. However, some of the time, the world we all like this, then do not change, or boring

Maybe this is your eyes

station, optimization and promotion are in the mind of a day or 315? Turn off, write an article, write code to change the code? Are you keep a pure sky, or into the reality of the ocean, this is not a choice. Maybe we should learn not only the Shanghai Dragon technology, is not thinking about the whole network of sales, but to give life a little more beautiful. Men to join www.targuo.n>

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