is optimized for the mainstream of Shanghai dragon a search engine friendly website of inside and outside of the station technology and content are between 2000-2011 years. By means of a close to the search engine algorithm, so called Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization).

experience deliberatelyShanghai Longfeng entry and implementation cost of the previous

before the Shanghai dragon current Shanghai dragon

is relatively low, as long as there is awareness of the company can do Shanghai dragon on the Internet, the relative effect also appears relatively fast, so become a foundation with marketing. The Shanghai dragon optimization is a luxurious facilities, its effect is not used well, but companies need to invest more resources and time, with more technical personnel, personnel, marketing and PR content marketing personnel, and most small companies can not do the integrity of the team.

this is all for many years in a concept that Shanghai dragon is free flow. In fact, the so-called free flow is not only based on the entrance paid for the tickets, but don’t forget to go to the attractions you put in the way of travel and accommodation. So today, we recommended to become more return flow, as long as put more time and money to get back, and not the real meaning of free traffic.

equipped with luxury facilities

Shanghai dragon explained in terms of

When multiple

in Shanghai Longfeng are basically respected concept of long-term effective, so the investment return rate is relatively high. The Shanghai dragon can’t simply say is a long-term effect, because we pay more attention to how long can the effect, and not long long is not a core role. So a mid Shanghai dragon marketing effect, if your project for short-term effect of words, Shanghai dragon is not appropriate.

The effect of

free flow return flow

long-term effective medium

marketing has its own attributes, the concept of today’s Shanghai dragon from before we all know the slowly changing, properties of the product itself is also undergoing a subtle change. We look at the comparison:

in Shanghai and Phoenix are the experience in power, you just for a regular algorithm operation rather than an open rule >

2. Shanghai dragon optimization property

from the beginning of 2011 to 2014, the search engine optimization is not restricted to the code, the content and links, because the optimization importance decreased year by year, more basic Shanghai Longfeng improved site increased year by year. So the algorithm tends to search experience and user reputation in the direction to go, so now Shanghai dragon should be understood as Search Experience Optimization (search experience Optimization)

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