generate static pages, we all know, because static to Pastebin, more conducive to the page ranking, because.Htm,.Html…… Relatively solid, unlike dynamic path, when browsing is transferred out from the database content, access paths are the dynamic engine in special symbols to identify some engine components, such as.Asp = &?…… This path URL has a certain degree of difficulty in the collection, not to mention ranking, also can make the generation of pseudo static, to achieve the purpose of.

is not too much to say that the whole optimization, we are aware of the importance of product marketing, but a website implement ZhengZhan optimization first step is what? I don’t consider anything else, is to regulate the URL site, for the shallow understanding of Shanghai Longfeng, paging network access URL standardization seems to have no effect. But a deep understanding of Shanghai Longfeng ZhengZhan optimization concept, standardized URL is particularly important. It is included the number, tail word number, station links key step to determine the site of the. Today alone to say ZhengZhan optimization how to standardize the URL.

if not included the URL dynamic link, for as long as the engine "mentioned in this section is not the way to identify the page, thereby reducing the engine friendliness, such as the two paths all included, it is more serious," the station became the mirror site weight decreased, which is a lot of website page or website ranking than the number included suddenly more real reason suddenly less, is the reason why the web site URL path not completely caused by static. The above mentioned two methods are far from the engine dynamic path to harassment. You can also write (which some life > if you are familiar with robots file syntax friends.

for a new station, in the first step to make the engine better access to static log URL, away from the collection of dynamic URL, how to do? The web page link internal code to avoid dynamic URL site map path or clear (small sites for URL path links, each page large station to each domain links or is pointing to the domain site map link), the submission site map page to the engine, or start at the beginning of the chain site map site, is still considered the best personal or HTML map, the engine can be identified by each engine, such as the submission of XML map I’m afraid the baby can read only the nobility.

the skills summarized in one sentence: "the purpose is to make the engine spiders from dynamic URL site link" this is a lot of static website ranking good reason, because they avoid dynamic path generation website program, a lot of friends understand the program even has to generate static log function the program is very difficult to avoid the interference of the dynamic path of the engine, is likely to be a log record two times, it included the dynamic web page is a static web page.

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